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Sadu of the Dotharl


Sadu Heavensflame
Female ♀
Au Ra (Xaela)
Khatun (Tribal Leader)
The Azim Steppe (12.5,32.3)
Dotharl Tribe
Quest NPC
Voiced by (JP)
Rie Tanaka
Voiced by (EN)
Beatriz Romilly
Voiced by (FR)
Emmylou Homs
Voiced by (DE)
Melanie Blocksdorf

Sadu of the Dotharl is an Au Ra found in The Azim Steppe. She was first introduced with the Stormblood expansion as the volatile khatun of the Dotharl Xaela tribe. Sadu plays a major role in the expansion's main story quests associated with her tribe, and makes further appearances in later content, including a handful of main story quests for Endwalker.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
A Final Peace Main Scenario quest 66 Gosetsu
Disciples of Creation Feature quest 60 Gyoshin
In Crimson They Walked Main Scenario quest 66 Hien
Out of the Frypan Feature quest 60 Gyoshin
The Undying Ones Main Scenario quest 66 Gosetsu
The Will of the Moon Main Scenario quest 70 Y'shtola
A Far Eastern Yarn Sidequest 1 Curious Courier


“With death a warrior must dance boldly. Fearlessly. For thus does his soul burn bright.”

The khatun of the Dotharl, Sadu is a fervent devotee of her tribe's traditions, and so does not hesitate to lead them into battle--even if at a tremendous disadvantage--with utter disregard for her own well-being. When not slaughtering her enemies on the field, the woman of twenty-seven summers looks after her people with surprising care and concern. She is quick to assess difficult situations and deliver pragmatic commands, and this same sound judgment serves her well when searching the eyes of newborns to identify the old souls within.[1] Some might describe her as a fierce yet enigmatic figure, who if spied at a distance on a crisp moonlit night, s the soft notes of a morin khuur float on the wind, against the backdrop of a thousand thousand twinkling stars... one's hear might just skip a beat. Yet one would be wise to tread with caution, for Sadu Heavensflame loves little else other than red meat and war, and will not suffer arrogant men.

— Encyclopedia Eorzea vol 2, page 110, "Sadu of the Dotharl"

Favored Weapon

The Shattered Star: Sadu's weapon of choice, its crown is said to have been fashioned from a fragment of a fallen star by her incarnation three generations ago. Even now it retains a measure of divinity, and who would dare wield it must be possessed of extraordinary strength to bend its magicks to her will.

— Encyclopedia Eorzea vol 2, page 110


  1. This is in reference to the Dotharl belief that warriors fallen in battle are reincarnated within the year as newborns.