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Hypertuned Grynewaht

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Hypertuned Grynewaht

Hypertuned Grynewaht.jpg

Male ♂
Roegadyn (Hellsguard)
Aggression level 6
Doma Castle

In the early stages of his experiments into the Resonant, Aulus mal Asina, the XIIth Imperial Legion’s chief of research, conceived a means to augment the flesh with machina, and the much-changed Grynewaht who joined Doma Castle’s defense was a product of this technique. Attached to the Roegadyn’s back was a contraption that siphoned out his blood and infused it with fortifying chemicals.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume II, p. 170

Hypertuned Grynewaht is a boss found in Doma Castle.


Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Yanxian paladins arms (il 282) icon1.png  Yanxian Paladin's Arms (IL 282) Other N/A BGreen 1
Kintoki shin icon1.png  Kintoki Shin Marauder's Arm 282 BGreen 1
Kumokirimaru shin icon1.png  Kumokirimaru Shin Dark Knight's Arm 282 BGreen 1
Wakasa shin icon1.png  Wakasa Shin Gunbreaker's Arm 282 BGreen 1
Iwa-toshi shin icon1.png  Iwa-toshi Shin Lancer's Arm 282 BGreen 1
Senju shin icon1.png  Senju Shin Pugilist's Arm 282 BGreen 1
Okanehira shin icon1.png  Okanehira Shin Samurai's Arm 282 BGreen 1
Ohojo shin icon1.png  Ohojo Shin Rogue's Arm 282 BGreen 1
Raijodo shin icon1.png  Raijodo Shin Archer's Arm 282 BGreen 1
Kunitomo shin icon1.png  Kunitomo Shin Machinist's Arm 282 BGreen 1
Rogetsurin shin icon1.png  Rogetsurin Shin Dancer's Arm 282 BGreen 1
Kujo shin icon1.png  Kujo Shin Two-handed Thaumaturge's Arm 282 BGreen 1
Gogyo sokoku shin icon1.png  Gogyo Sokoku Shin Arcanist's Grimoire 282 BGreen 1
Mokusa shin icon1.png  Mokusa Shin Red Mage's Arm 282 BGreen 1
Masakaki shin icon1.png  Masakaki Shin Two-handed Conjurer's Arm 282 BGreen 1
Gogyo sosei shin icon1.png  Gogyo Sosei Shin Scholar's Arm 282 BGreen 1
Tenkan chishi shin icon1.png  Tenkan Chishi Shin Astrologian's Arm 282 BGreen 1
Yanxian hara-ate of fending icon1.png  Yanxian Hara-ate of Fending Body 282 BGreen 1
Yanxian togi of maiming icon1.png  Yanxian Togi of Maiming Body 282 BGreen 1
Yanxian togi of striking icon1.png  Yanxian Togi of Striking Body 282 BGreen 1
Yanxian togi of scouting icon1.png  Yanxian Togi of Scouting Body 282 BGreen 1
Yanxian dogi of aiming icon1.png  Yanxian Dogi of Aiming Body 282 BGreen 1
Yanxian dogi of casting icon1.png  Yanxian Dogi of Casting Body 282 BGreen 1
Yanxian dogi of healing icon1.png  Yanxian Dogi of Healing Body 282 BGreen 1
Yanxian haidate of fending icon1.png  Yanxian Haidate of Fending Legs 282 BGreen 1
Yanxian haidate of maiming icon1.png  Yanxian Haidate of Maiming Legs 282 BGreen 1
Yanxian haidate of striking icon1.png  Yanxian Haidate of Striking Legs 282 BGreen 1
Yanxian haidate of scouting icon1.png  Yanxian Haidate of Scouting Legs 282 BGreen 1
Yanxian haidate of aiming icon1.png  Yanxian Haidate of Aiming Legs 282 BGreen 1
Yanxian hakama of casting icon1.png  Yanxian Hakama of Casting Legs 282 BGreen 1
Yanxian hakama of healing icon1.png  Yanxian Hakama of Healing Legs 282 BGreen 1
Mock-up grynewaht icon2.png  Mock-up Grynewaht Minion N/A ABasic 1
Gates of the moon orchestrion roll icon1.png  Gates of the Moon Orchestrion Roll Orchestrion Roll N/A ABasic 1


Zone Coordinates Level range
Doma Castle Unknown 67


Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Die Is Cast Main Scenario quest 67 Hien

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