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Eastern Apprentice

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Eastern Apprentice

Original Blanstyr.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:10.5, Y:15.4)
Required items
1 Plate mail materials icon1.png  Plate Mail Materials
1 Paladin mail icon1.png  Paladin Mail
Experience 1,557,875
Gil 1,871
Previous quest
Original Blanstyr
Next quest
Forging with Scales

H'naanza has an air of poorly concealed concern.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • H'naanza has an air of poorly concealed concern.
  • H'naanza complains that Blanstyr has sent no word of his safe arrival in the Far East. With poorly concealed concern, she asks that you check on the veteran artisan the next time you find yourself in Kugane...for the sake of the guild, of course.
  • You find Blanstyr standing as if spellbound by the armor on a statue in Kugane, but otherwise safe and sound. Although the shrewd craftsman immediately accuses you of spying for H'naanza, he shows no hesitation in requesting your help with finding a local forge. head into the artisans' district and catch up with Blanstyr.
  • Blanstyr approaches the master of Kokajiya and explains how the design of a Heavensturn helmet inspired him to develop his own unique style. Fugetsu mistakes you for another hopeful apprentice, and you find yourself assigned the same crafting task as Blanstyr. Speak with Unryu, and request the materials needed to synthesize a high-quality suit of paland mail.
  • Unryu hands over the supplies you need, and reminds you to present your finished work to Fugetsu.
  • Fugetsu is duly impressed with your finely crafted set of Eorzean-style armor, and promises to commence your lessons once he is finished honoring an important commission. Share your success with Blanstyr.
  • Blanstyr seems pleased that you have both been accepted as apprentices, and restates his determination to work on developing an individual style. Until Fugetsu is free to begin your instruction, however, it seems you must content with improving yourself by exploring the properties of the local materials.