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Fancy Lancer

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Fancy Lancer

The Breaking of Blanstyr.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:10.1, Y:14.8)
Required items
1 Titanium cuirass of maiming icon1.png  Titanium Cuirass of Maiming
Experience 836,550
Gil 913
Previous quest
Next quest
The Reforging of Blanstyr

Blanstyr is seething with barely contained fury.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Blanstyr is seething with barely contained fury.
  • Blanstyr is trembling with anger after the armor he crafted was rejected by Benathaire's companion. The old artisan admits to losing his temper, and walking away from the conjurer's commission. Seek out Benathaire at the Drowning Wench, and learn the details of the request.
  • Benathaire greets you enthusiastically, and seems more than pleased to have you take over the commission. He explains that Barberella, the party's lancer, is loath to fight in any armor that doesn't meet her standards for style. Consult with H'naanza, and discuss how you might best meet your client's wishes.
  • Upon hearing the aesthetic nature of the commission, H'naanza suggests that you seek the advice of experts in the field of fashion. Head to Ul'dah, and consult with Serendipity of the Goldsmiths' Guild, and Redolent Rose of the Weavers' Guild.
  • Serendipity and Redolent Rose gladly offer you suggestions on how you might elevate the beauty of your craft while still maintaining its durability. Return to the Armorers' Guild and report to H'naanza.
  • You return to the forgemaster with the advice of the Ul'dahn artisans. H'naanza muses over their ideas for a moment before outlining the design of a piece that fulfills the requirements of your client's request. Forge a high-quality titanium cuirass of maiming, and deliver the finished item to Benathaire at the Drowning Wench.
  • You bring the cuirass to the expectant Benathaire, and Barberella wastes no time in donning your creation. Blanstyr arrives to inspect the exuberant lancer's new armor, and seems astonished at your accomplishment. Swallowing his pride for the sake of his craft, the old armorer vows to visit H'naanza, and beg for the wisdom of her experience. Continue to work at Blanstyr's side as you both seek to improve in your chosen trade.
    • ※The next armorer quest will be available from Blanstyr upon reaching level 58.