Good Intentions

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Good Intentions

Good Intentions Image.png
Quest giver
Minfilia Warde
The Solar (X:6, Y:5)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era
Trial The Bowl of Embers (Hard)
Trial The Howling Eye (Hard)
Trial The Navel (Hard)
Feature QuestIn a Titan Spot
Experience 2,340
Gil 802
Previous quest
Let Us Cling Together
Next quest
Bait and Switch

Minfilia is considering which of her many responsibilities demands her utmost attention.

— In-game description


Main article: Primal Quests

As of Patch 2.5, completion of the Primal sidequest chain up through Feature QuestIn a Titan Spot is required to pass this point. These trials are not actually difficult and can be done blind in the Duty Finder.
In Final Fantasy XIV, the (Hard) designation simply means something is a higher-leveled version of something else. It is not an indicator of difficulty like (Extreme), (Savage), or The Minstrel's Ballad are.



  • As the Scions of the Seventh Dawn have grown in size and influence, so too have their responsibilities, prompting Minfilia to consider if their expansion was wise. Alphinaud, however, does not harbor such concerns, having embraced his role as commander of the Crystal Braves and guardian of Eorzea. The young Elezen now wishes to aid the Immortal Flames in their ongoing efforts to bring stability to Ul'dah, and he would like your assistance with his mission as well. Join him outside the solar and listen to what Riol, his subordinate, has to say.
  • Riol, who has been attempting to trace the source of some weapons wielded by disgruntled refugees, has learned of a large shipment which may be intended for the same purpose. A black marketeer in eastern Thanalan is planning to resell the weapons and reap a tidy profit -- unless you and Ilberd intervene before the exchange takes place. Rendezvous with the captain of the Crystal Braves at Highbridge.
  • Ilberd informs you that the black marketeer's clients have arrived. With luck, you may prevent the sale of illicit goods, seize the men who covet them, and learn their intent.