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Featurequest.pngWestern Thanalan Quest

Quest Giver Swyrgeim - Western Thanalan (x12, y14)
Requirements Level 15
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 3360   
Rose pink dye icon1.png, Bone white dye icon1.png, Ice blue dye icon1.png, Unlocks Dyeing
Previous Quest Next Quest
Simply to Dye For


Go to the Merchant & Mender directly behind and to the right of Swyrgeim at: X:12 Y:13. Purchase the orange juice for 7 gil and return to Swyrgeim.



  • Swyrgeim wants to show you a whole new world of colors.
  • Swyrgeim is dismayed at your appearance, and offers to help you remedy it. Before she can do so, however, she requires that you bring her a bottle of orange juice to remedy her thirst.
  • Thanking you for the orange juice, Swyrgeim proceeds to teach you how to go about dyeing your gear. Armed with this knowledge, go forth and fill your life with color.


Accepting the quest

Swyrgeim stands up and faces you.

Swyrgeim: You there! Yes, you, the decisively unfashionable adventurer!

Swyrgeim: Gods be good, never in my life have I seen such unapologetic focus on function at extreme cost to form. The mere sight of you fair makes my eyes bleed!

Swyrgeim: As a lover of all things aesthetically pleasing, I cannot in good conscience allow you to continue roaming the realm in that sorry state. I believe your appearance can yet be salvaged...through the use of color.

Swyrgeim: I will teach you how to go about dyeing your outfit, but first I must have a drink. The heat has given me a vicious thirst, and I won't be able to talk for any length of time.

Swyrgeim: Be a dear and buy me a bottle of orange juice at the stall by the northern gates, would you? Once I have moistened my throat, we shall see to the business of remedying your appearance.

Swyrgeim sits back down.

When you talk to her with orange juice in your inventory:

Swyrgeim: Pray tell, have you brought my orange juice? Lest you have forgotten, the merchant who sells it can be found just inside the northern gates.

When you exit out of the handover screen without giving her any orange juice:

Swyrgeim: Hurry, else I am like to die of thirst!

When you hand over the orange juice to her:

Swyrgeim stands up.

Swyrgeim: <gulp> Phew... That's a relief. Finally, I can teach you how to bring color into your life. Listen well.

Swyrgeim: There are handy items called colorants which allow folk to dye their outfits a veritable rainbow of colors. These colorants are so simple to use, adventurers have no excuse to be fashion-unconscious.

Swyrgeim: Lest you worry that dyeing will affect your garment's precious properties, you may rest assured it will not. The practicality you adventurers love so much will not suffer for the change in appearance─a change for the better!

Swyrgeim: It should also gladden you to know that garments can be dyed repeatedly, so there is no fear of getting locked into one color. The garish pink that seemed like such a wonderful idea after a dozen glasses of red can be undone!

Swyrgeim: And that is all you need to know about dyeing gear. Now, what are you waiting for? Get out there and bring some color into your life!

Swyrgiem sits back down.

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