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For Those We Have Lost

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For Those We Have Lost

For Those We Have Lost Image.png
Quest giver
Coerthas Western Highlands (X:32, Y:37)
Quest line
Experience 5,000
Gil 810
Previous quest
Once More, a Favor
Next quest

Emmanellain seems rather pleased with himself.

— In-game description



  • Per Lord Emmanellain's suggestion, you decide to partake of the food and drink in the nearby tavern. Desiring privacy, you opt for a secluded seat in the corner, and drink deep from a mug of mulled wine provided by a young waitress. You find yourself listening half-heartedly as she speaks of this and that... your eyes growing heavy, your limbs sapped of all strength. She turns, and through the haze you see her eyes, burning with contempt. You crumple to the ground, and as all fades to black, you hear her whisper to sleep, to sleep...

    A grave, and a woman. No -- two women, and a man. Countless graves, countless lives lost. A war that would never end, no -- not for them. They came together, unwilling and unable to forgive, to forget. They learned of the conference and despaired... until she stepped forward. For she had a plan.

    Thancred rouses you from your slumber, and from beyond the tavern doors you can hear the faint sounds of fighting. Bursting forth, you find chaos. Soldiers and civilians -- some whom you recognize from your vision -- lie dead and dying. From atop a wall she calls out. The woman from the tavern -- from your vision. She cries out for vengeance against the Dravanians, and Emmanellain, in a panic, commands a nearby knight to act. As the crowd looks on, the knight shoots, striking her in the arm. Wounded and enraged, she decries the lordling and all for which he stands, before a second arrow silences her, and she falls from sight. All eyes turn to the young lord as he pleads his innocence, that all was a misunderstanding. But you know full well that it is too late for excuses.

  • In the wake of the failed protest, Lord Emmanellain retreats to the tavern, leaving you and Thancred to ensure that order has been fully restored. But, more importantly, having witnessed such a heavy-handed suppression, how will the people regard Ser Aymeric's efforts to ensure peace now?
  • You quickly ascertain that the people are uneasy and divided, harboring resentment towards the protesters, Lord Emmanellain, and even Ser Aymeric. Though there appears to be no risk of further violence, the peace conference clearly has no chance of success in this climate.
  • Thancred informs you that, for a mercy, the guards do not appear to have been responsible for any civilian casualties. Nevertheless, he agrees with your assessment. Misguided though her actions may have been, the protest leader's words resonated with many who have lost loved ones, as Thancred quietly observes...