Breath of the Earth

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Breath of the Earth
Breath of the Earth
Type Limit Break
Cast Time 2s
Description Restores 60% of HP and MP of all nearby party members.

Breath of the Earth is a level 2 healer Limit Break that requires Conjurer, White Mage, Scholar or Astrologian. It restores 60% of HP and MP of all nearby party members.

When activated, the healer puts away their weapon and gazes to the heavens, drawing on white energy. Upon completion, they bow their head and put their hands together in prayer, as a burst of golden feathers erupt from the caster and disperse over the arena. The healer then twirls as wisps of white aether fade from their hands.

  • Players require at least 2 full bars of limit break meter to use Breath of the Earth.

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