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Type Limit Break
Requires SMN
Cast Time 2s
Range 25y
Description Delivers an area of effect attack with potency of 6150.

Teraflare is a level 3 caster Limit Break that requires Summoner. It delivers an area of effect attack with potency of 6150.

When activated, the Summoner holds their grimoire aloft and draws on blue-violet energy. Upon completion, three crystals of light briefly orbit around the Summoner before fading, as a pair of ethereal blue dragon wings, resembling those of Bahamut, burst forth from the caster's back. The Summoner then rises to the air as a silo of golden energy streams dart forth from the wings, blanketing the area with explosions.

  • Players require 3 full bars of limit break meter to use Teraflare.



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