Land Waker

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Land Waker
Land Waker
Type Limit Break
Requires WAR
Cast Time 3s
Radius 15y
Description Reduces damage taken by all party members by 80% for 12s.

Land Waker is a level 3 tank Limit Break that requires Warrior. It reduces damage taken by all party members by 80% for 12 seconds.

Upon activation, the Warrior holds their weapon aloft as a cyclone of flames rises from their feet. Upon completion, fiery kite shields form in circular formations around all affected party members, before the Warrior slams their axe into the ground, upheaving several massive stalagmites of burning magma from the ground in an arc in front of them.

  • Players require 3 full bars of limit break meter to use Land Waker.
  • Land Waker was introduced to the game in Heavensward (3.0).


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