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Best Friends Forever

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Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever.png
Quest giver
Azys Lla (X:7.4, Y:11.5)
Quest line
Anima Weapons Quests
Required items
1 Archaic enchanted ink icon1.png  Archaic Enchanted Ink
1 Aettir icon1.png  Aettir
1 Priwen icon1.png  Priwen
1 Minos icon1.png  Minos
1 Cronus icon1.png  Cronus
1 Areadbhar icon1.png  Areadbhar
1 Nyepels icon1.png  Nyepels
1 Sandungs icon1.png  Sandungs
1 Terpander icon1.png  Terpander
1 Deathlocke icon1.png  Deathlocke
1 Kaladanda icon1.png  Kaladanda
1 Mimesis.png  Mimesis
1 Sindri icon1.png  Sindri
1 Anabasis icon1.png  Anabasis
1 Canopus icon1.png  Canopus
Experience 0
Gil 518
Previous quest
Words of Wisdom

Ardashir is eager to put Matoya's sage counsel into practice.

※Changing classes or jobs will prevent progress during this quest.

— In-game description


Depending on job:


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  • Ardashir is eager to put Matoya's sage counsel into practice.
    • ※Changing classes or jobs will prevent progress during this quest.
  • Having carefully pored over Matoya's missive, Ardashir explains that the primals are the key to the anima's enlightenment. He asks that you relive your fiercest battles with these celestial beings─not on the battlefield, but within your mind. Linked as you are to the anima, he posits that it would be as if your aetherial companion experienced these epic battles firsthand. Heeding his request, you take a deep breath, still your mind, and think back to your first encounter with the godlike beings known as primals.
  • You awake with a start, your heart still racing from your vivid recollections of your confrontations with Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan. Yet there is still much for you to share with the anima. You close your eyes once more and prepare to summon from the depths of your memory yet another harrowing battle with the primals.
  • You open your eyes again for a short reprieve from reliving the more arduous experiences of your past. With the memories of combat still fresh in your mind, you check─perhaps out of habit─to be certain your garb is neither soaked nor singed from battle. Alas, there is no rest for the weary, for many tales of derring-do remain untold. Again you clear your mind, and summon forth a vision of strife and struggle against the unbridled fury of the primals.
  • The ring of steel echoes in your ears as you stir back to consciousness. Though the confrontations have taken place entirely within your mind's eye, your muscles are strangely sore, your body stiff as if from great physical exertion. And yet, there is still one tale to tell─of three gods locked in perpetual conflict, and the brave soul that dared to bring them low.
  • You return to your senses in a cold sweat, a sigh of relief escaping from your lips as you realize the battles were all in your mind. Though it was not in the flesh that you faced these encounters anew, your sharp and stirring memories of your great deeds will doubtless prove of great value to the anima. Having exhausted your repository of grueling memories of your confrontations with the primals, you seek out Ardashir, that together you might awaken the anima's newfound knowledge.
  • Ardashir would proceed with the next stage of Matoya's plan: namely, to employ an enchantment to ingrain the anima's newly gained knowledge into the core of its being. There is, however, a rub─all the materials needed for the procedure are readily available save one─an ancient variety of enchanted ink said to be made only in the lands of Sharlayan. Knowing of no merchants who might deal in such exotic goods, Ardashir defers to your unequaled talent for procurement.
  • Through means available only to one of your experience and expertise, you procure a bottle of archaic enchanted ink and deliver it to Ardashir. He follows Matoya's instructions to the letter, outlining an arcane circle for the spell and gently placing the anima weapon in its center. As your aether flows into the circle, you focus your thoughts on the anima, which soon manifests before you. Your hearts and minds are as one now, the anima acutely aware of your faith and aspirations for the journey to come. The deep attachment you feel toward the anima has cast away its fears, leaving only hope and an unshakable resolve. After myriad trials and tribulations, your aetherial companion has truly come into its own. Though you know not what the future may hold, you take comfort in knowing that whatever perils you may face, you will not face them alone. Indeed, your foes must now stand against the might of the anima.