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A Miner Success

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A Miner Success

Gift of the Gob.png
Quest giver
Idyllshire (X:7.1, Y:5.9)
Required items
5 Pummelite icon1.png  Pummelite
Experience 2,889,000
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestWhere the Money Takes You

Nonowato wears an expression that suggests work on the Gobroller is at last coming to a close.

— In-game description




8AM/PM Eorzean Time, Perception 690+ required

This is the final class quest. In Shadowbringers, Crystarium Deliveries replace class quests for Disciples of the Hand and Land.



  • Nonowato wears an expression that suggests work on the Gobroller is at last coming to a close.
  • Nonowato lets you know that work on the Gobroller is progressing nicely and that your help is needed for one final push. He beckons you to the Bangpots where he will discuss the finer details of the job with you.
  • Nonowato outlines the current situation: testing has begun on the Gobroller and it has become clear that its current pistons are not up to the job. The team at the Bangpots initially thought the ceruleum engine's power output was their sole problem, but upon increasing this, they realized the vehicle would not move without stronger pistons. Nonowato knows what material is needed for the new parts, but not where they are found. You agree to ask Adalberta on his behalf and set off for the Miners' Guild in Ul'dah.
  • After overcoming her initial shock that you are on the hunt for pummelite, Adalberta informs you that the mineral can be found in the peaks of Gyr Abania. However, this may be easier said than done as pummelite has become increasingly scarce over the years due both to war and the Garlean occupation. Undeterred, you prepare for the journey ahead.
  • Nonowato gladly accepts the five chunks of pummelite you procured for him and wastes no time getting to work creating the new pistons. He assures you it will not take long and that, once they are finished, they will be putting the Gobroller through another test by the Answering Quarter. You bide your time as you await the vehicle's final trial.
  • The moment everything has been building towards is finally at hand: the Gobroller's test run. Thankfully, everyone's hard work pays off and the vehicle operates as intended. However, just as everyone starts to rejoice, Stickqix appears out of the blue wondering what has his team so elated. He is slightly deflated to learn that these key developments all unfolded in his absence, but sadness soon gives way to joy as it dawns upon him that his dream has been realized at last.
  • Stickqix imparts an interesting morsel of knowledge upon you: he used to be a member of the Illuminati. Originally, he had been tasked with creating a vehicle that would allow Illuminati members to safely go on pilgrimages. However, things turned sour when Quickthinx stole the plans and warped the design into what ultimately became known as the Gobmachine. Your work finished, you prepare to go and talk to Nonowato one last time.
  • Nonowato tells you that work on the Gobroller is far from over. They have plenty of further tests planned and hope to refine the current model, eventually creating new versions of the vehicle. Lastly, he informs you that payment for your work shall be sent to the Miners' Guild shortly.
  • You return to the guild to collect Nonowato's payment from Adalberta. She goes on to inquire as to just what kind of place Idyllshire is; the job seems to have her keen to know more about the village where goblin and man coexist in harmony. You are bid farewell and told she will be in touch again whenever there is more work for you.