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Where the Money Takes You

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Where the Money Takes You

Gift of the Gob.png
Quest giver
Idyllshire (X:7.1, Y:5.9)
Required items
20 Serpentine icon1.png  Serpentine
Experience 2,227,500
Gil 2,950
Previous quest
Pedal to the Metal
Next quest
A Miner Success

Nonowato finds himself in a bit of a financial pickle.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Level 70 Mineral Deposit



  • Nonowato finds himself in a bit of a financial pickle.
  • A troubled Nonowato informs you that he has forgotten to reimburse Rowena for some materials she procured at his request. Rowena has also personally asked for your help with a job of her own by way of an apology. Agreeing to help Nonowato in his hour of need, you brace yourself for a meeting with Rowena at her Center for Cultural Promotion.
  • Rowena receives quite a surprise when she realizes that the miner she has heard so much of is none other than the Warrior of Light. However, she soon brushes this initial distraction aside to get down to business: you are to mine eight chunks of serpentine for her. Request received, you set off to make amends for Nonowato's error.
  • You deliver the serpentine to Rowena as requested and she furnishes you with Nonowato's order: a set of research materials. Before you leave for the Bangpots, she remarks that it has been quite some time since she last saw Stickqix. Apparently the manufactory chief stops by fairly often to check on his orders, but has not done so of late.
  • Nonowato is just about at his wit's end when you finally deliver the research materials to him. After making a not-so-subtle attempt at pretending all is well with the project, he confesses that Stickqix has gone missing. With your input, Nonowato concludes that the chief has likely gone to see Slowfix for advice on the project, and suggests that you seek out the goblin.
  • Slowfix regrettably has no information as to Stickqix's whereabouts, but he is able to tell you something else of note. The knowledgeable goblin fills you in on Stickqix's past, just why he decided to come to Idyllshire, and about the dream that led to the creation of his manufactory. Having heard this, Nonowato resolves to head back to the Bangpots and reinvigorate the workers there.
  • Nonowato explains to the Bangpots workers just why their esteemed chief has deserted them. He follows up by stressing the need for cooperation to the team, explaining that it is the only chance they have of completing work on the Gobroller without Stickqix's guidance. All come to realize the error of their ways, vowing to finish their work, whilst aiding their colleagues. Nonowato bids you join him outside to discuss the remainder of your own work.
  • Nonowato informs you that the next task he gives you will likely be your last. You prepare yourself for one final push, knowing that the Gobroller's completion draws near.
    • ※The next miner quest will be available from Nonowato upon reaching level 70.