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"It's not easy, managing a boisterous bunch of lads and lasses who'd sooner drain a tankard than swing a pickaxe, but I give it my best."

Adalberta was eight when the Garlean Empire occupied Ala Mhigo, and fled to Ul'dah as a refugee. Her role model has always been her father, a Highlander of humble beginnings who became a miner to support his daughter before dying in a cave-in. Now twenty-eight, Adalberta has become guildmaster, and it is said she focuses her energies upon training new miners for but one reason: so that they might develop enough skill with the pick and hammer to never be beholden to, nor exploited by, another. Friends with Mylla.

— In-game description

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest giver
My First Pickaxe
Know Thy Land
The Cutting Edge
Getting in Deep
Old Wisdom, New Ways
Water from Stone
Obsidian Race
Amethysts Are Forever
To Die For
Gulley of Woes
Canyon of Regret
Breaking New Ground
Gift of the Gob Class quest 60 Adalberta

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest giver
Way of the Miner
The Same Vein
A Miner Success Class quest 70 Nonowato

Additional Information

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