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Eorzea Time (ET) is the measure of in-game time provided to the player via a clock found in the "Server Info" HUD element.[1] The table below shows the conversion from Eorzea time units to real-life time units.

Eorzea Time Units Eorzea Time Sub-Units Real Time Value
1 minute 60 seconds 2 11/12 seconds
1 bell 60 minutes 2 minutes, 55 seconds
1 sun 24 bells 70 minutes
1 week 8 suns 9 hours and 20 minutes
1 moon 4 weeks 37 hours and 20 minutes
1 year[2] 12 moons 18 days and 16 hours

(Data obtained from ViolaRulan[3] on GitHub.)

Eorzea Time affects the spawning of Unspoiled Nodes, and in A Realm Reborn-only affects the Sightseeing Log.[1] Timers created from the Gathering Log will automatically set themselves to one bell (hour) before the node spawns, or as described in the table, approximately 3 minutes real time. Eorzea Time can also affect the music and the lighting of the world. Overworld zones and cities usually have different background music at night compared to day. Older outdoor dungeons may have different lighting depending on the time of day, although the lighting in most dungeons is unaffected by the current Eorzean time.

Nighttime occurs from 6PM to 5:59AM ET. There are very few gameplay systems that are tied to daytime vs. nighttime. However, the most prominent use of nighttime as a mechanic is in The Forbidden Land, Eureka. Some enemies, classified as Ashkin, only spawn during night, which affect the availability to spawn certain Notorious Monsters, as those enemies need to be defeated. In addition, the some weekly Challenge Logs for Eureka require that a certain number of Ashkin be defeated.


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