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Upon the Great Loch's Shore

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Upon the Great Loch's Shore

Upon the Great Loch's Shore Image.png
Quest giver
Rhalgr's Reach (X:10.1, Y:10.6)
Quest line
Stormblood Main Scenario

Experience 240,300
Gil 961
Previous quest
The Lady in Red
Next quest
The Key to Victory
A Fletching Suggestion
A Rite to Rest
It's a Zu Out There
Send in the Armor

Lyse is feeling relaxed and refreshed.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • After giving Alisaie into the care of the infirmary's chirurgeons and enjoying a spirited bout with Lyse in the palm of the Destroyer, the time has come for you and your comrades to return to the fight. Lyse asks that you and Alphinaud go on ahead, as she has various matters to discuss with her officers before she departs.
  • The vice marshal informs you that Castrum Abania is now wholly under the control of the Eorzean Alliance. The imperials' supplies have been plundered and are being distributed as needed. Moreover, your allies have confirmed that a unit of Skulls passed through, escorting a single prisoner to the capital -- Krile, almost certainly. With luck, it will not be long before you locate and rescue your captive comrade.
  • At Porta Praetoria, with the leaders of the Alliance and the Resistance in attendance, you discuss your plans for laying siege to Ala Mhigo and defeating the XIIth Legion once and for all. Time being of the essence, it is decided that as soon as the Resistance has secured the residential district to the south of the city, the main host will immediately launch an all-out assault. The Scions, meanwhile, will be held in reserve, ready to render aid where needed, and attend to Krile's rescue upon learning where she is being held.
  • Rhalgr's beacon nears its end, and soon, Twelve willing, Ala Mhigo will be free. As the hour of judgment draws nigh, Alphinaud spares a moment to consider what his grandfather would have said were he with you today...

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