The Perfect Prey

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The Perfect Prey

Quest giver
U'odh Nunh
Southern Thanalan (X:14, Y:29)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Required items
1  Bloody Guisarme
1  Crude Necklace
Experience 30,400
Gil 0
Previous quest
Trial by Turtle
Next quest
When the Worm Turns

U'odh Nunh wants you to hunt the most dangerous game.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • U'odh Nunh has bid you slay an Amalj'aa veteran who dwells in the encampment to the east of Forgotten Springs. The warrior is cautious and must be lured out somehow. Perhaps the spear U'odh Nunh gave you may be of some use.
  • Inferring that the spear may be of some importance to your quarry, you place it within sight of the encampment. Lie in wait for the Amalj'aa veteran and see if he takes the bait.
  • The old warrior walks right into your trap, where you take him by surprise and slay him in a duel. Having torn the crude necklace from his lifeless corpse, you can now return to Forgotten Springs and speak with U'odh Nunh.
  • U'odh Nunh is impressed with your accomplishment, and is at last willing to tell you of the ingredient that you seek.


U'odh Nunh: Perrrsistent bugger. Very well, let's have a look at you.

U'odh Nunh: ...You've seen your share of battle, there's no mistaking that. And you did manage to obtain that adamantoise egg. However, that was naught more than a display of brrrute force and blind courage.

U'odh Nunh: The nunh I once fought also believed that his strrrength would save him. He was wrong, and now I am nunh.

U'odh Nunh: Many years ago, I joined the Company of Heroes to hone my skills, instead of challenging my predecessor before I was ready. Even when I was young, I understood that victorrry goes to the patient, the cunning, the pragmatic.

U'odh Nunh: That is why I claimed my position, and it is why I still hold it. And it is why I will not help an unprrroven whelp.

U'odh Nunh: The Children of the Sands do not offer aid to strangers. To do so is a sign of weakness. However, if you were rrrecognized as a skilled hunter in your own right, it would be permissible to assist you.

U'odh Nunh: Across the desert to the east lies an Amalj'aa encampment. There dwells a warrior renowned both for his strrrength and his guile. To even face this Amalj'aa in battle, you must first find a way to lure him away from the encampment.

U'odh Nunh: This will be your test: to drrraw out and defeat the veteran. For this, I will offer you no advice─only this worn spear.

U'odh Nunh: Why, you ask? You will have to solve that rrriddle yourself. Now go─slay this old warrior and bring to me his necklace.

U'odh Nunh: Tell me, adventurerrr: is our old nemesis dead?

U'odh Nunh: 'Tis a fine necklace, as befits a veteran of countless battles. It will make an excellent trophy.

U'odh Nunh: The spear? It belonged to one of his brrrothers. I knew when he spied it from afar, he would be unable to rrresist venturing outside the encampment to see for himself.

U'odh Nunh: Did you discern my intent, or was it dumb luck, I wonder...

U'odh Nunh: Heh heh heh! Either way, you imprrress me, adventurer! I shall tell you of the ingredient you seek.

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