The Three Collectors

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The Three Collectors

The Three Collectors.png
Quest giver
Western Thanalan (X:13.1, Y:14.1)
Quest line
Hildibrand Adventures
Experience 0
Gil 1,642
Previous quest
Manderville Men
Next quest
The Business of Betrothal

Inspector Hildibrand would have you accompany him to Coerthas.

— In-game description




The gunhalberd Gilgamesh is wielding is Bradamante, which once belonged to Garlean Legatus of the VIIth Imperial Legion, Nael van Darnus, also known as The White Raven. The specific weapon Gilgamesh has is a copy, in reference to Excalipoor.



  • Inspector Hildibrand would have you accompany him to Coerthas.
  • Having received the blessings of Lady Durilda and Inspector Briardien, Inspector Hildibrand wishes to depart for Coerthas at once. Journey to the Observatorium and seek out any sellswords in Lady Durilda's employ.
  • Hildibrand quickly identifies one of Lady Durilda's sellswords, though the man is quick to deny the inspector's assertions. Inspector Briardien subsequently appears and explains the situation, much to the sergeant's chagrin. Recognizing you to be the most competent member of your party, the sergeant then asks that you assist one of his subordinates near the Observatorium's east gates.
  • The snows of Coerthas can play tricks on one's eyes, as you soon observe. While the sellsword watchman ventures outside to investigate something suspicious, Inspector Hildibrand nearly mistakes Gilgamesh for the thieving duelist. Electing to search a different area, Hildibrand and Nashu wander off. Follow them and see if their search yields anything of interest.
  • Ellie astutely observes that Inspector Hildibrand is unlikely to find the duelist inside the walls of the Observatorium. That being said, it would be dangerous to survey the wilderness unarmed─which is why Hildibrand is grateful when Nashu returns with a curious “spear” in her possession. The inspector immediately recognizes the weapon as the selfsame one which helped him journey to Dalamud five years ago. Precisely what inexplicable series of circumstances led to this reunion would doubtless make for an engrossing tale─alas, there are more pressing matters at hand. Survey the wilderness east of the Observatorium with the inspector and his assistant.
  • Fate can be ever so cruel. The budding friendship between Hildibrand and Gilgamesh is torn asunder when the warrior recognizes the inspector's spear as his own cherished weapon. What small hopes for reconciliation remain are further crushed when Ellie and Inspector Briardien arrive and identify Gilgamesh as the nefarious thieving duelist─a charge the warrior both confirms and denies. Distraught at being misunderstood by those whom he had come to trust, Gilgamesh flees to the south as Hildibrand gives chase─and so must you.
  • Outside the gates to Griffin Crossing, you find an incapacitated Inspector Hildibrand. Imploring you to stop his misguided former friend, you begin to search the bridge, and quickly find Gilgamesh waiting for you. The warrior proposes what he deems a duel─though his terms allow for you to summon allies. Triumph, and he will yield the spear. But should you fail, your weapons will be forfeit.
    • ※Battle on the Big Bridge can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • Declaring that you have received a sufficient beating, Gilgamesh withdraws without claiming your weapon. Inform Inspector Briardien of all that has transpired.
  • Annoyed by yet resigned to Gilgamesh's escape, Inspector Briardien deems it safe to proceed with the Treaty-Blade's delivery. Proceed to Vesper Bay so that you may be present for the occasion.
  • Lady Durilda gleefully accepts the Treaty-Blade and takes her leave─only to appear a second time inquiring as to the whereabouts of her weapon. Inspector Briardien immediately deduces that the first Lady Durilda was in fact the thief who sent the challenge in disguise, and that Gilgamesh was a different thief who had no interest in the Treaty-Blade. The flying card which then embeds itself in the inspector's forehead appears to substantiate this theory, as the words writ upon it match the style of the previous challenge. “I shall come to claim the lapis maiden's virtue,” it reads, a bold challenge Inspector Briardien is glad to accept─until Inspector Hildibrand preempts his declaration, driving his rival into a frenzy. As the two men circle Lord Lolorito's statue in the square, Maria bursts into laughter, and her normally stern mother soon does the same. Despite failing to protect the Treaty-Blade, it would seem Inspector Hildibrand achieved an arguably more worthwhile measure of success.