The Business of Betrothal

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The Business of Betrothal

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Quest giver
Western Thanalan (X:13.0, Y:14.1)
Quest line
Hildibrand Adventures
Experience 0
Gil 855
Previous quest
The Three Collectors
Next quest
A Burst of Inspiration

Ellie has put her skills as a reporter to good use.

— In-game description





  • Ellie has put her skills as a reporter to good use.
  • Inspector's Log:
I have arrived in Costa del Sol. Somewhere in the realm, the masked fiend I pursue sets a leering eye on a poor, defenseless young maiden─a case that cries out for a gentleman inspector, if ever there were one. Employing my own stupendous powers of disguise, I have concealed myself among a group of Brass Blades, hoping to ascertain the identity of the “lapis maiden” mentioned by the thief. Thus far, I have gleaned little save for war stories and tales of drinking prowess, but I am certain it is only a matter of time before the answer is within my grasp!
            * * *
Employing her finely honed reporter's senses, Ellie has tracked down the identity of the lapis maiden─the daughter of a prominent Ul'dahn trader by the name of Arabella whose beauty has been the talk of the town, despite no one having actually seen her in the flesh. She further explains that the maiden has recently been betrothed to the son of a Lominsan trading mogul, and is to make a rare public appearance at a banquet to be held in the couple's honor. Surmising that the thief is likely to strike, Ellie declares her intention to travel to Costa del Sol and speak with the bride's father, Guguremu, and invites you to come along.
  • Your questioning of Guguremu was going nowhere fast, when it was interrupted by a familiar face─Consulting Inspector Briardien, who confidently declares his intention to capture the thief and see the lapis maiden delivered from harm. To Briardien's chagrin, he was not the first sleuth to arrive at the scene. After venting his frustrations on Hildibrand─agent of enquiry, inspector extraordinaire─by slapping him silly with a steaming fish, the consulting inspector summarily sends his self–styled rival to canvass the area while enlisting your help in following up on what he believes to be a more promising line of inquiry. Rendezvous with Briardien on the outskirts of Costa del Sol and see what he has in mind.
  • If Inspector Briardien's deductions are correct, then the phantom thief has already infiltrated the banquet by assuming the identity of one of the Brass Blades of the Gerbera, hired by Master Guguremu to serve as bodyguards at the banquet. He further explains that he was informed by Brass Blades stationed in and around Costa del Sol that one of their men has gone missing. Search the area around Bloodshore for the missing Blade, that you might glean from him some information as to how the thief intends to strike.
  • You have tracked down the missing Brass Blade, hands tied and stripped to his skivvies behind a hill on the sands of Bloodshore. Relieved to be free, the man explains that his orders called for him to guard Morgant, Yalto Nolto, and Lewenhart. This information leads Inspector Briardien to surmise that the phantom thief has now assumed the identity of one of these three men. While Briardien leads the wounded man back to safety, he asks you to return to Costa del Sol to see that Hildibrand is not stirring up any unneeded trouble.
  • No sooner have you spoken the names of Briardien's three suspects than does Hildibrand boldly announce his intentions to apprehend the thief himself. Needless to say, nothing could possibly go wrong with this. To begin your own line of questioning, speak with Morgant, father of the groom–to–be.
  • Your conversation with Morgant, his son Vannes, and Guguremu revealed nothing warranting much suspicion─with the possible exception of Hildibrand himself, whose vaunted Manderville art of parley succeeded only in arousing Guguremu's ire. Hildibrand, insisting that somehow everything is going according to his grand plan, confidently strides off to question Yalto Nolto and Lewenhart.
  • Neither Yalto Nolto nor Lewenhart did or said much to give cause for suspicion. Never one to lose heart, Hildibrand goes off to investigate the supply of emergency foodstuffs of which Lewenhart spoke, hoping to find some contradiction that might give him reason to suspect the servant's words.
  • Upon finding dangerous explosives concealed amidst crates and coconuts, Hildibrand raises his voice in triumph, believing the culprit's cover blown. However, his confidence is quickly shattered by the cheerful voice of his own assistant, who innocently claims credit for the bombs. Despite being back to square one with no clues to follow, there is no time for self–pity, for Inspector Briardien is quickly approaching the scene. Fearing the consequences if the inspector were to discover the explosives, let alone the fact that Nashu─and by extension, the rest of you─was responsible for them, Ellie suggests that Hildibrand and Nashu make a discreet retreat while you and she move to head Briardien off at the pass.