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Change of Arms

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Zlatan is ready to see you on your way.

— In-game description


Depending on job:


Main article: Law's Order Weapons/Quest

Loathsome memory of the dying icon1.png  Loathsome Memory of the Dying can be obtained by participating in critical engagements on the southern front, or by completing Alliance Raid Crystal Tower Alliance Raids. Alternately, Critical Engagement: Assault EncounterCastrum Lacus Litore drops 5 Loathsome Memories of the Dying upon each completion.



  • Zlatan is ready to see you on your way.
  • You consult Zlatan about what manner of memory would be ideal to further enhance your Resistance weapon, and he suggests those that come from battles of great peril, such as one might expect in a large-scale assault. He is confident fifteen such memories will suffice. Where they should be collected, however, he leaves to your judgment.
  • Gerolt has readied his forge for your return, and he is quick to begin working when you hand him the memories. With his customary flourishes of clanging and banging, your Resistance weapon is given new form, the energies emanating from it nearly palpable. Though he is quite satisfied with his work, he believes there is yet room for improvement. It is his hope inspiration will strike again before you next call on his services.