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A Brief Reprieve

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A Brief Reprieve

A Brief Reprieve Image.png
Quest giver
Hoary Boulder
The Rising Stones (X:6.0, Y:5.9)
Quest line

Experience 46,000
Gil 3,679
Previous quest
The Face of War
Next quest
A Requiem for Heroes

Hoary Boulder's sullen expression suggests he has no news to share, which in this case may not mean good news. .

— In-game description


  • Speak with Maxima in north Silvertear.
  • Speak with Cid.


  • Sadly there has been no change in the Scions' condition. Before Hoary can expound further, however, Maxima arrives asking after Alphinaud. Consoled by the fact that he is safe and well cared for, Maxima prepares to take his leave, inviting you to meet with a man he claims to be an acquaintance of yours.
  • After a short trek to north Silvertear, you find Maxima in the company of your good friend Cid. Your reunion is cut brief when an Alliance soldier arrives bearing a message for the Warrior of Light. Raubahn requests your presence in Ala Mhigo to discuss strategy. To that end, Cid offers you transportation aboard the Enterprise.
  • You arrive at Ala Mhigo in a timely fashion, where Cid offers a few words of encouragement before sending you off to your meeting with Raubahn.

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