Church of Saint Adama Landama

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Church of Saint Adama Landama



The Church of Saint Adama Landama is names for a wealthy man who, through unequaled philanthropy, achieved sainthood in the eyes of Nald'thal. Indeed, the tale of how he saved his town using naught but his wits and his wealth is told realm-wide in the legend of Saint Adama Landama's Creel. The chapel itself was commissioned by the merchants of Ul'dah to put those souls who perished in the Calamity to rest, yet many still come, even after five years, to commission a final resting place for their loved ones.

— In-game description

Church of Saint Adama Landama is a landmark in Drybone, Eastern Thanalan. It was named for a venerated saint of Nald'thal named Adama Landama.

Additional Information

In days gone by, the lichyard was a small, humble plot. But that all changed after the Calamity. The dead grew in number, and so the yard grew with them. It is still simple, despite its size. Of course, it's that selfsame simplicity that keeps it from becoming more of a priority for the Order. We can ill afford to assign adequate numbers to its keeping, just as we cannot charge the poor to bury or be buried. Yet that does not stop the many who come calling to see their dead put to rest here. Those few of us who tend the yard haven't the time to see to the offerings our piety demands. The simple graves you visited belong to those who died alone. Let us pray the sweet fragrance you delivered grants some modicum of relief from their lonely solitude─if even for a short while.

— Sister Airell

As an adventurer, you are familiar with guildleves, yes? If so, you have likely seen our Saint Adama Landama, for his wealth and munificence were such that some guildleves now bear his likeness. A strange state of affairs, though, that a church bearing the name of a rich saint should now be overrun with the poor who come to bury their dead.

— Brother Esmour

Brother Esmour and Sister Airell are good folk, too. They say I don't need no gil to bury my sis here, but I know how it works. It'll take coin to send her over to Thal proper.