We Come in Peace

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We Come in Peace

We Come in Peace Image.png
Quest giver
Vorsaile Heuloix
New Gridania (X:9.7, Y:11.0)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Required items
1 Fresh Honey Icon.png  Fresh Honey
Experience 6,960
Gil 1,078
Previous quest
Next quest
Sylphic Studies

Commander Vorsaile Heuloix has been awaiting the aid of the Scions.

— In-game description



  • Mitainie has instructed you to take the ferry from Westshore Pier to reach the East Shroud. Once there, you will only need to head due east to find the Hawthorne Hut. Before going there, however, stop off along the way at Fullflower Comb and pay your regards to Rosa Hawthorne.
  • Rosa Hawthorne has a sticky situation on her hands, what with killer hornets assailing her precious honeybees. Slay three hornet clouds to put her heart at ease.
  • You have triumphed over the killer hornets. Report your success to Rosa.
  • Rosa thanks you for having protected her beehives from the swarm of hornets. To express her gratitude, she has given you a pot of fresh honey, which she knows will help loosen the lips of the serpent officer you are seeking, Amelain. Proceed to the Hawthorne Hut and deliver the honey as bade.
  • The sweet-toothed Amelain has informed you that Rosa's husband, Rolfe Hawthorne, is well versed in sylphic culture and should hold the answers you seek.