Quiver's Hold

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Quiver's Hold

New Gridania
(The Black Shroud)
Connects to
Seat of the First Bow
Archers' Guild

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Quiver's Hold

This wooden citadel is the central seat of the Gods' Quiver, and serves as their headquarters when watching for incursions of primal and foreign forces alike. From here, orders go out to each of the city's watchspires, as well as those scattered throughout the Black Shroud. Quiver's Hold also permits the Archers' Guild to use its practice butts, and on any given day Quivermen can be seen loosing shafts side by side with guild archers.

— In-game description

Quiver's Hold is a landmark in New Gridania, The Black Shroud.

Additional Information

Serves as the Archers' Guild run by Guildmaster Luciane, and is also the headquarters of the Gods' Quiver.

Archers' Guild Lore

The Archers’ Guild began life within the Trappers’ League, a body existing to promote brotherhood amongst hunters. From its advent, the League decided where and when game could be taken in an effort to maintain peace with the elementals. In time, the hunters took to friendly competitions in bowmanship, and eventually a group split away to devote themselves to their weapon of choice. These were the founders of the Archers’ Guild.

Gridanian archery itself emerged from a history of strife betwixt two traditions: techniques of the longbow, beloved of the Elezen, and of the shortbows, developed by the Miqo’te hunters. The Elezen sought to defend the forest, and clashed mightily with the Miqo’te, who poached its creatures for their meat. The two ultimately reached an accord, and merged their archery techniques into a unique style not found anywhere else in the realm. [1]


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