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Search for the Spawning Grounds

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Search for the Spawning Grounds

Whither Wawalago Wanders.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:8.1, Y:15.2)
Required items
3  Harutsuge Sprag
Experience 1,758,750
Gil 3,152
Previous quest
A Rousing Reunion
Next quest
Always a Bigger Fish

The smitten smile on Wawalago's face suggests he's received a report from Reyna.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • You will see the message Mark for the quest “Search for the Spawning Grounds” detected. when fishing on the right spot.
  • Pick up Versatile Lure or Live Shrimp for bait.



  • The smitten smile on Wawalago's face suggests he's received a report from Reyna.
  • An eager and excited Wawalago explains to you that Reyna has narrowed down the possible location of the shooting stars' spawning beds to a region in the Ruby Sea. He expresses an onze of envy as he enlightens you that Reyna will be waiting in the port town of Kugane, in the far-flung land of Hingashi.
  • Reyna's reconnaissance among the local fishermen has borne fruit in the form of the true name of the Sahagin's so-called shooting stars, known to the Hingan people as the harutsuge. Unfortunately, the name was all she could garner from her conversations, as none had seen the harutsuge's schools swimming in the vicinity as of late. Reyna then suggests speaking with another tribe talented in fishing─namely the Kojin, who are well acquainted with the Far Eastern depths. Make for Tamamizu to see if these turtlish types can tell you any more about the precise location of the spawning beds.
  • After you free Govv from the Kojin fishing net in which he had unfortunately found himself, his captor conveys to you that the prized fish's place of origin is like to be found near Shoal Rock─though their numbers in the open seas have been dwindling day by day and year by year. as impassioned as ever, Govv hurls himself headfirst into the deep unknown while Reyna asks you to join her at the Isle of Bekko to form a more solid plan.
  • Reyna would have you capture a handful of harutsuge sprags in order to glean further knowledge of the cause of their disappearance. She asks you to use utmost caution in catching three from the waters near Shoal Rock.
  • You hand over the sprags to Reyna, who places them in a bucket bound for Coerthas, where she and Ansaulme would further observe their condition and behavior. Govv is overcome with joy at the sight of the tiny red fish, and expresses his apprection to you and Reyna for your part in locating their spawning grounds. Reyna asks you to return to the guild to relay the triumphant tidings to Wawalago.
  • While Wawalago is delighted that you succeeded in finding and capturing the fish, he laments his lack of ability to assist you and Reyna further in your mission, as he has been finding it more and more frustrating to keep Sisipu at bay.