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Always a Bigger Fish

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Always a Bigger Fish

Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:8.1, Y:15.2)
Required items
Dafangshi  Dafangshi
"Dafangshi" is not a number.
Experience 2,902,500
Gil 4,267
Previous quest
Search for the Spawning Grounds
Next quest
Farewell and Thanks for the Fish

Master Wawalago is examining you with an expectant eye.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Gather information from the villagers in Isari.
  • Join Wawalago outside Namai.
  • Deliver the Dafangshi to Wawalago at the Glittering Basin.
  • Deliver the Dafangshi to Ukimono in Tamamizu.
  • Speak with Wawalago at Fisherman's Bottom.


  • Master Wawalago is examining you with an expectant eye.
  • Wawalago excitedly explains that he's received a missive from Reyna, who is eager to share what she and her colleagues have learned from their inspection of the harutsuge sprags you successfully snared for her. Unable to contain his eagerness to meet the lovely lass with a passion for all things piscine, the guildmaster also states his intentions to steal away from the watchful eye of Sisipu and join you. Make your way to the Gods' Grip to see what manner of enlightening knowledge the fishing enthusiasts have gleaned.
  • Wawalago is moderately dismayed to be greeted not by the gorgeous Reyna but rather her colleague Ansaulme, but quickly puts aside his qualms to inquire as to Ishgardian anglers' latest findings. Ansaulme relates their findings, such as they are: to wit, that they could determine no anomalies with the waters of the Ruby Sea from the specimens you secured. When the guildmaster then surmises that this could only mean that the problem can be traced to their spawning grounds, Ansaulme is impressed by his powers of deduction, encouraging Wawalago to travel to the Far East to investigate for himself. As the guildmaster hems and haws, Sisipu appears, chastising him for his insensitivity to her true feelings and giving him her blessings to make the journey eastward. You make for the fishing village of Isari to gather what information you can in advance of the guildmaster's arrival in Kugane.
  • In Isari, an elderly fisherman by the name of Jisho shares with you an intriguing bit of history. Before the Garleans came, the Isari fishermen joined with their Kojin friends to hold a yearly event known as the Wadatsumi festival. The festivities involved catching fearsome sea beasts known as giant plesiosaurs and offering them in tribute to the kami of the seas, that calm might return to the oceans. Traditional religious practices, however, were outlawed twenty-five years ago when the Garleans came, and the bonds of friendship between Isari and the Kojin gradually faded away. You set off for Kugane to share this enlightening information with Master Wawalago.
  • Upon hearing your tale, Master Wawalago quickly deduces that the outlawing of the festival has resulted in an overpopulation of plesiosaurs, who doubtless are preying upon on harutsuge hatchlings before they can reach full size. As such, it would stand to reason that reviving the festival would restore the harutsuge to the seas. Together with your companions, you make for the shores near Namai to catch yourselves some dafangshi, that you might present them to the Kojin in return for their cooperation in bringing back the festivities of old.
  • Wawalago encourages you to ensnare three dafangshi, the fish favored by the Kojin, that it might convince them to take part in the revived Wadatsumi festivities. Should you find the task too trying, he suggests you speak with your Kojin friends and learn what you might of their special technique of spearfishing.
  • Employing your spearfishing skills to their fullest, you manage to haul in three dafangshi. Wawalago expresses his admiration and bids you show them to Jisho in Isari, and secure his permission before then persuading the Kojin to take part in the festivities.
  • Jisho is delighted to see the dafangshi, and is nigh brought to tears at the thought that his humble village, which struggled so long under the yoke of the empire, might at long last see its glory days return. As he calls upon the young ones to begin preparation, he bids you deliver the dafangshi to Tamamizu in his stead.
  • Ukimono is likewise overjoyed at your offering of the dafangshi, saying that nothing would give him greater joy than to restore a beloved tradition of his people's past. This will not happen overnight, however, as the young Kojin himself remembers little of the particulars of the celebration. While Ukimono and Govv round up willing collaborators in Tamamizu, you set off back to Eorzea with Guildmaster Wawalago, who intends to do further research regarding the festivities at the guild.
  • Back at Fisherman's Bottom, Wawalago restates his intent to research the Wadatsumi festival to the best of his abiltiies. He encourages you to make a foray to your favorite fishing hole in the meantime, so that you might be prepared to fish as you have never fished before when the occasion arrives.



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