Fisherman's Bottom

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Fisherman's Bottom

By rights, Fisherman's Bottom, located at the lowest point in the city, should be known for the organization to which it is home—Wawalago's Pullers, the largest group of fishermen in the city. Nonetheless, it would seem Lominsans overwhelmingly prefer the popular sobriquet.

— In-game description

Fisherman's Bottom is a landmark in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks, La Noscea.

Additional Information

Serves as the Fishermen's Guild. Guildmaster Wawalago is often gone fishing, so Sisipu fills in for many of his duties.

Fishermen's Guild Lore

As her people have always found sustenance in the region’s waters, fishing is one of the oldest of Lominsan industries. With time, it has grown in scope, and fishermen and women have come together as “pullers,” casting their nets alongside one another in both coastal shallows and along the seabed.

These loose associations do not limit their activities to cooperative fishing, but also worked to maintain their vessels and harbor, set prices for specific species of fish, and ensure that no one person depletes the seas of its bounty. Though most will instruct newcomers, only Wawalago’s Pullers, the official Fishermen’s Guild, takes on adventurers. This seemingly brings in knowledge of fish from the entire realm, and allows the guild to learn of unconventional techniques, while stocking their revolutionary fisheries with exotic specimens. [1]


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