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Versatile Lure

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Versatile Lure

A lure developed by the Fishermen's Guild specifically for novice anglers. Can be used on land or at sea.

— In-game description



Vendor Location / Coordinates Cost
Merchant and Mender Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (3.3, 12.9) Gil 300
Merchant and Mender Ocean Fishing (6.1, 6.1) Gil 300


Quest Type Level Quest Giver Rewards
All the Fish in the Sea Feature quest 1 Fhilsnoe 10 Versatile lure icon1.png  Versatile Lure

Used For

Versatile Lure is a catch-all lure used for all fish except Big Fish (aka BGreen fish), up to but excluding the current level cap.

While it is useful for reducing inventory bloat, if players are seeking a particular fish, using the specific bait for that fish will limit the number of wrong fish that can be caught.