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A Rousing Reunion

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A Rousing Reunion

Whither Wawalago Wanders.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:8.1, Y:15.2)
Required items
3 Deep velodyna carp icon1.png  Deep Velodyna Carp
Experience 1,557,875
Gil 2,277
Previous quest
Whither Wawalago Wanders
Next quest
Search for the Spawning Grounds

Master Wawalago is drastically degenerating into disquiet.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Fishing Log: The Velodyna River



  • Master Wawalago is drastically degenerating into disquiet.
  • As the visibly galled guildmaster tells it, Govv had an epiphany of sorts and took off on his own towards Gyr Abania, heading towards the Velodyna River which flows through the valley. Wawalago can only assume the river has some connection with the shooting stars' disappearance from La Noscean waters, but he is worried for the beastman's safety in distant lands where his kind rarely venture. He implores you to give chase after Govv to ensure that the spirited Sahagin does not get into trouble. Before that, however, the two of you decide to make for Pike Falls to meet one of your angler acquaintances from Coerthas, whose help Wawalago has beseeched in the business of tracking down the disappearing fish.
  • The capable cooperator enlisted by Wawalago happens to be none other than Reyna, fisher by day and assassin by night. While her investigation has turned up valid insights into the disappearance of the shooting stars, Govv dismisses her findings as a fabrication, on the basis that shorewalkers like you and Reyna possess only a superficial understanding of matters of the sea. Seeking to give Govv a taste of humility, Reyna proposes a contest to demonstrate the full depths of your angling expertise. Reel in three deep Velodyna carp before Govv does to prove that you are as capable a fisher as he.
  • You easily win your fishing contest against Govv, who─as an ocean-dweller─is not acclimated to freshwater fishing. with the humbled Sahagin now offering a more receptive ear, Reyna elaborates on her findings, that the Sahagins' so-called shooting stars are likely the same schools of migratory fish that can be found further east, although the actual location of their spawning beds remains unknown. as she seeks further information from fishers in the region, she asks you to relay the news in full to Guildmaster Wawalago.
  • You relay the details of Reyna's investigations to Wawalago, along with the story of your little contest with Govv, which amuses the old guildmaster greatly. After spending a moment to fawn over Reyna's formidable faculty for fishing─along with her many other alluring assets─Wawalago bids you bide your time until she contacts the guild with any further information.
    • ※The next fisher quest will be available from Wawalago upon reaching level 65.