Maim and Mend II

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Maim and Mend II

Conjurer frame icon.png CNJ (traits)
Arcanist frame icon.png ACN (traits)
Red Mage frame icon.png RDM (traits)
Sage frame icon.png SGE (traits)
Astrologian frame icon.png AST (traits)
Thaumaturge frame icon.png THM (traits)
Pictomancer frame icon.png PCT (traits)

Increases base action damage and HP restoration by 30%.
Arcanist: Also increases base damage and HP restoration of your pet by 30%

— In-game description

Maim and Mend II is a trait unlocked at level 40. It is available for Conjurer / White MageArcanist / SummonerRed MageSageAstrologianThaumaturge / Black Mage and Pictomancer.


  • EW.png Patch 6.0 (2021-12-07):
    • Can now be learned by astrologian and thaumaturge / black mage.
    • Deleted "Allows the stacking of a third Astral Fire or Umbral Ice." (thaumaturge / black mage only)
    • Deleted "When stacked 3 times, the casting time of magic of the opposite element is halved." (thaumaturge / black mage only)
  • ARR.png Patch 2.0 (2013-08-27): Added.