Golems Begone

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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver Slowfix - Idyllshire (x7, y6)
Requirements Level 58
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 81600    Gil 507
Adamantite spear icon1.png, Adamantite jamadhars icon1.png, Adamantite knives icon1.png, Adamantite scutum icon1.png, Intelligence Materia IV.png
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  • Speak with Y'shtola.
  • With the chat mode in Say, enter “Noughts and Crosses” to unmake golems.
  • Report to Slowfix.


  • Slowfix wants you to eliminate the golems that prowl Idyllshire.
  • Golem sentinels left by the Sharlayans are hampering Slowfix's plans for expanding Idyllshire, and the goblin asks that you eliminate them. As a native of Sharlayan, Y'shtola may know an easy way to deal with the creatures.
  • Y'shtola shares with you the coded command required to unmake the golems. With the chat mode in Say, use your keyboard or the software keyboard to inform each golem that you want to play a game called “Noughts and Crosses.”
  • You have unmade all the golems in your assigned area. Return to Slowfix with the good tidings.
  • You report the completion of your task to Slowfix. The goblin is pleased to hear that the golems will no longer impede the expansion effort.