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Leave It to Fremondain

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Leave It to Fremondain

Forging Northwards.png
Quest giver
The Pillars (X:7.4, Y:10.7)
Required items
3 Mythrite rivets icon1.png  Mythrite Rivets
Experience 663,390
Gil 0
Previous quest
Forging Northwards
Next quest
The Good Fight

Fremondain is fretting about Baroness Laurisse.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Fremondain is fretting about Baroness Laurisse.
  • Fremondain tells you that the armory of House Jervaint has fallen out of repair. He has enlisted your services to restore the family's finery. Of immediate concern is Baroness Laurisse's cuirass, which is rusted, dented, and falling apart. However, Fremondain realizes suddenly that his mistress may be wearing it on some ill-conceived adventure to the north of Falcon's Nest even as you speak. Fremondain may be worried for nothing, but he nevertheless asks you to ensure no harm befalls his mistress.
  • You find the baroness healthy. The same cannot be said for the cutpurses tied up nearby. After a bit of conversation, you learn that the daughter of House Jervaint was patrolling the area in search of the wanted men in order to earn a bit of coin. However, during the scuffle, the rivets holding Baroness Laurisse's cuirass together broke, rendering the armor useless. Inform Fremondain of his mistress's safety─and her cuirass's demise─at the Jeweled Crozier.
  • Fremondain is dismayed to learn of Baroness Laurisse's cuirass. It is his mistress's only suit of armor─how can she enter the grand tournament without it? He bids you repair it by fashioning three high-quality mythrite rivets to reattach the otherwise sound plates together.
  • Fremondain gladly accepts the mythrite rivets, and praises the craftsmanship. Alas, his compliments will have to serve as payment until the fortunes of House Jervaint change─as they may very well do in the grand tournament.
    • ※The next blacksmith quest will be available from Fremondain upon reaching level 55.