Waiting in the Winglet

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Feature Quest icon.png

Waiting in the Winglet

Way of the Blacksmith.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:10, Y:14)
Required items
1 Cobalt winglet icon1.png  Cobalt Winglet HQ icon.png
1 Savage might materia iii icon1.png  Savage Might Materia III
Experience 210,600
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestBeauty and the Bardiche
Next quest
Feature QuestForging Northwards

Forgemaster Brithael has a special commission only you can handle.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:


Client's Location: From the Aftcastle Aethernet shard, go north to the circular deck, turn left at the Drowning Wench and run along the wall to get to the deck just below where the Well-traveled Miqo'te is waiting at the end.



  • Forgemaster Brithael has a special commission only you can handle.
  • The guild is busier than ever due to your numerous past efforts. Countless customers have requested you by name, but Brithael has only seen fit to oblige a single one. Speak with Faezahr to learn the details of this special commission.
  • A former champion of the Coliseum has come all the way from Gridania to speak with you in person. You will find the client waiting for you on the platform just below the Drowning Wench, where you may speak in private.
  • The client, who chose not to divulge her name, wishes to furnish a struggling gladiator with a weapon that befits his skill and experience. This gladiator, known as the Bronze Bull, is apparently another former champion who has chosen to fight under a different name. You are to craft a quality cobalt winglet, meld to it a savage might materia of the third grade, and deliver the finished product to Faezahr.
  • Upon confirming that your sword satisfies the client's requirements, Faezahr summons the Bronze Bull to collect the weapon in person, while the anonymous client surreptitiously listens. The gladiator is at first puzzled by the gesture, unable to understand the motives of your patron. However, when Faezahr delivers a cryptic message, the Bronze Bull immediately identifies your client as the Hellfire Phoenix, whom he thought had perished in the Calamity years ago. He accepts the sword, proclaiming that he will one day stand atop the Coliseum and do it justice, and leaves without meeting your client. Speak with her and see if these events transpired as she desired.
  • Your client explains that her desire to remain distant from the Coliseum and its affairs drove her to deliver the sword in this manner. Nevertheless, she could not resist using Greinfarr's words to reveal her identity to the former champion. Having entrusted your payment to the forgemaster, she bids you return to him to receive it.
  • Brithael reflects on how you single-handedly changed the guild's fortunes, stating that the impact of your deeds will be felt for years to come. With a glint in his eye and a smile on his face, he calls you one of the best blacksmiths he has ever known.


Accepting the Quest

Brithael: Good news, [Forename]! That gladiator ye outfitted, Muriel? Done the work of a million merchants fer us since! Her name's on the lips of every Coliseum fan, as is the name o' the smitty what forged her armaments!
Brithael: Our wares're sellin' faster than we can forge 'em, an' every member o' the guild is reapin' the benefits! Aye, the ale'll flow like wine at the Wench tonight!
Brithael: O' course, customers, they've been askin' for ye by name, but I tell 'em ye ain't got the time to personally craft all their butcher's knives an' bric-a-brac. I've certainly no intention o' shovelin' that drudgery off on ye.
Brithael: But there's one commission what requires yer personal attention, I reckon. This one comes to us by way o' Faezahr, so pay the man a visit.
Brithael: Before ye go, a word o' warnin': Faezahr's a solemn soul to begin with, but this job's got him wound tighter than ever, judgin' from his countenance. Best be prepared fer a bleedin' tough challenge.

Speaking with Faezahr

Faezahr: There you are! Hear me, [Forename]─none other than the finest blacksmith in all Vylbrand will do for this task.
Faezahr: So renowned are your weapons that your name echoes through the distant wood of Gridania. So powerful your forge that it has bent their disdain for steel into admiration.
Faezahr: As such, a former champion of the Coliseum living amid the leaves has contacted me in hopes of engaging your services.
Faezahr: That is all I can say. The rest she would tell you herself.
Faezahr: The client wishes to meet with you in private, and will be waiting for you on the platform just below the Drowning Wench. Pray do not keep her waiting.

Speaking with the client (cutscene)

Well-traveled Miqo'te: An honor, [Forename Surname]. I appreciate you coming all this way to meet with me.
Well-traveled Miqo'te: I am told you are a blacksmith without peer. It is for this reason that I have come to seek your assistance.
Well-traveled Miqo'te: The sword I would have you forge must befit a storied Coliseum champion─rather, a man who would become one once more.
Well-traveled Miqo'te: This gladiator is recently returned to Ul'dah, and has chosen to fight under a different name, you see.
Well-traveled Miqo'te: Perhaps you are familiar with the Bronze Bull? I thought not. His performance on the bloodsands has been less than stellar.
Well-traveled Miqo'te: Despite his wealth of experience, he struggles. I have seen him fight; his weapons are his weakness. But I fear he thinks himself at fault.
Well-traveled Miqo'te: Which brings me to my request: I wish to arm the Bronze Bull with a quality cobalt winglet, strengthened with a savage might materia of the third grade.
Well-traveled Miqo'te: He is a far greater gladiator than his record suggests, and deserves better than the rubbish he wields.
Well-traveled Miqo'te: When the sword is ready, deliver it to Faezahr. He shall see that the Bronze Bull receives it.

Deliver the weapon to Faezahr

Faezahr: I am aware of the client's specifications. As soon as I verify that your sword is to her satisfaction, I shall contact the intended recipient.
Faezahr: You have outdone yourself yet again. Your task is almost complete.
Faezahr: In a most peculiar request, the client wishes to be on hand, yet out of sight, for the purveyance of her gift.
Faezahr: I shall attend to the arrangements. You need only be ready.


The Bronze Bull: Since when have you taken a fancy to a male gladiator, Faezahr? What's all this really about?
Faezahr: I assure you, you will not be displeased. Quite the opposite, I should hope.
The Bronze Bull: Pleased, then?
Faezahr: Precisely. We come bearing a gift.
The Bronze Bull: A gift? For me? Hah! Give it to someone who deserves it. I'm in no mood to be fawned over.
Faezahr: Due to your mounting defeats, no doubt.
The Bronze Bull: I know my record, merchant.
Faezahr: Ah, but that is the very reason I believe this gift will lift your spirits. Behold the cure for your recent woes─a sword like no other!
The Bronze Bull: This blade, I've...I've never seen its equal. Did you forge this, smith?
The Bronze Bull: I would be proud to call it my own.
Faezahr: I believe that is precisely what our patron intended.
The Bronze Bull: Care to tell me who your patron is? And why he sees fit to confer upon me such a treasure?
Faezahr: I can say only that she prays for your success. It is her hope that with this sword you will win new glory, and that these words will help you to remember that of old:
Faezahr: “The way of the sword is such that all who walk it become lost.”
The Bronze Bull: ...Her words, eh?
The Bronze Bull: Well, I don't see why she had to orchestrate this mummer's farce. I would've gladly accepted the sword from her in person.
Faezahr: Oh?
The Bronze Bull: Aye. I thought the Calamity had claimed her life.
The Bronze Bull: Heh, I should've known better than to think the Hellfire Phoenix would die so easily.
The Bronze Bull: And now it is my turn to take wing.
The Bronze Bull: On my honor, I shall one day stand atop the Coliseum, and do this sword justice.

Speaking with the client

Well-traveled Miqo'te: Greinfarr's no fool. I suspect he knew I was present the moment his words left Faezahr's lips.
Well-traveled Miqo'te: Hm? Why not give him the sword in person? It is...complicated.
Well-traveled Miqo'te: Simply put, I will not involve myself directly in Coliseum affairs. Long ago, I swore never again to take up sword or spear for sport.
Well-traveled Miqo'te: I have entrusted the forgemaster with your honorarium. Please accept it with my heartfelt thanks.

Finishing the Quest

Brithael: Well, look who's back from bringin' in another fortune!
Brithael: I don't know how ye do it, [Forename], but I'm glad yer doin' it fer us.
Brithael: If ye hadn't come along when ye did an' helped us turn things around with yer quality smithin', I reckon I'd be another workless drunk drownin' me sorrows at the Wench.
Brithael: Instead, I'm a happily employed drunk celebratin' me successes at the Wench!
Brithael: Ye know, any lout with a tool can put passion into his work, but to have it come out the other side an' affect folk is true artistry.
Brithael: An' make no mistake, lad: the impact of what ye've done fer the guild will be felt fer years to come.
Brithael: Yer one o' the best godsdamned smitties I've had the pleasure o' knowin', [Forename]. There ain't nothin' more to say than that.