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Female ♀
Hyur (Midlander)
Western La Noscea (28.4,21.9)
Avere (fiancé)
Quest NPC

A girl thought to be Edda, a missing adventurer, has been spotted within the Palace of the Dead. Suspected of dabbling in necromancy, the erstwhile conjurer may even be involved in birthing the horrors of the haunted labyrinth. Another theory suggests that she may already be dead, and, in the same manner as the other spectral denizens, has become a pawn to some malevolent power.

— In-game description

Edda is a Hyur found in Western La Noscea.

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
It's Probably Pirates Main Scenario quest 15 Baderon
Fire in the Gloom Main Scenario quest 16 Mother Miounne
Into a Copper Hell Main Scenario quest 17 Momodi
Corpse Groom Feature quest 50 Paiyo Reiyo
The Nightmare's End Feature quest 50 Balan

Additional Information

See also: Edda Blackbosom

Edda was once a fledgling Adventurer who traveled with her fiance Avere after leaving a life of poverty in her village behind. She and her betrothed both looked up to the Warrior of Light and sought to attain glory as well. This caused Avere to be headstrong and charge into danger without thinking. While the pair and their party survived a foray into Sastasha, the same could not be said after they rushed headlong into the Tam-Tara Deepcroft, which saw Avere beheaded. Though the rest of the party escaped, Edda was blamed for their failures, and the party was disbanded after she insisted on keeping Avere's head.

Edda later met with the Warrior of Light and explained how Avere looked up to them, and how looking upon them now, she felt motivated to become strong, and would head home to train hard, bury Avere and become better. Unfortunately this would not come to pass, as she slowly slipped into madness, unable to accept the loss of her fiance. She somehow managed to come across a tome about how to bring someone back from the dead. She sends out invitations to her wedding to her former party members, who contact the Warrior of Light. They head to the Deepcroft where the "wedding" was taking place to find Edda and a Voidsent that had possessed the head of Avere. Once the monster had been disposed of, Edda was stricken with grief over losing her beloved a second time, and accidentally backed off the edge of the arena, and into the void below. After this, there were several reports of seeing her ghostly figure appear and disappear just as quickly in the middle of the night.

The Warrior of Light would encounter Edda once again in the Palace of the Dead, accompanied by a small Voidsent that resembled Avere's severed head. She attacked the Warrior, telling them they had overstayed their welcome. After a brutal battle, she was defeated, and reverted back to her original form. The last thing she remembered was falling off a cliff and seeing a black cloaked figure. She thanked the Warrior of Light and disappeared, leaving behind her ring.

Following this, the Warrior of Light showed the ring to Paiyo Reiyo, who said it was her engagement ring. The pair found Avere's ring, and held a small ceremony to lay the pair to rest.


“Look, Avere! All these people have come to make you a gift of their souls! Isn't that kind of them?”

A Midlander from a poor village on Abalathia’s Spine, Edda had seen but sixteen summers when she resolved to leave behind her hum-drum life sweeping dirt floors and scrubbing loincloths (things for which she displayed quite the talent) and become an adventurer. And so she set off with Avere, her betrothed and childhood friend, down the mountains upon which they had been born and out into the unknown. The two would travel first to distant La Noscea, and thence venture into the Tam-Tara Deepcroft, where, on his second serious foray into adventuring, Avere lost his life. Edda’s dreams of building a happy family shattered to pieces, she returned to her home to bury her beloved, but descended into madness soon after, refusing to be parted from her beloved’s decapitated head. As her madness grew, she turned to the forbidden arts, and following the writings of an ancient tome obtained during her travels, she brought Avere back from beyond the grave. [1]

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