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Bad Wine

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Bad Wine

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Quest giver
Coerthas Western Highlands (X:32.6, Y:38.3)

Required quest
Experience 24,000
Gil 574
Previous quest
A Mystery Illness
Next quest
Ancient Wisdom

Redwald wants to make the next move in his investigation.

— In-game description




  • Deliver the bottle to Auriaune.
  • Speak with the heretics at Camp Riversmeet.
  • Report to Redwald.


  • Redwald wants to make the next move in his investigation.
  • Redwald wants you to go to Auriaune and show her the bottle that contained the poisoned wine. She is in charge of logistics at Falcon's Nest and should be able to determine who would have had chance to poison the wine.
  • Auriaune realizes that the poisoned wine was in the crate of stolen supplies that you previous recovered for her. She posits that the thieves poisoned the wine under the assumption that the crate would be recovered. It has since come to light that these men were not working alone. They had accomplices who have been sighted several times at Camp Riversmeet. Go there, find these heretics, and question them.
  • The heretics attack you, but not before gloating that the poison they used was made from dragon venom. There is no known antidote. Report to Redwald with this grim news.
  • Redwald, having been informed of the situation by Auriaune, was ready and waiting for your report. He is not surprised to hear of the heretics' involvement and is resolved to finding an antidote to the poison before it is too late.

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