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Ancient Wisdom

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Ancient Wisdom

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Quest giver
Coerthas Western Highlands (X:32.6, Y:38.3)
Required quest
Experience 11,700
Gil 858
Previous quest
Bad Wine

Redwald is eager to continue his investigation

— In-game description




  • Deliver the report to Noirterel.
  • Deliver the report to Sigan.
  • Use the ember on the brazier.
  • Use the fragrant herbs on the burning brazier.
  • Lie in wait for the blackblood zu; slay it and obtain its blood.
  • Deliver the zu blood to Sigan.


  • Redwald is eager to continue his investigation
  • Redwald is desperate to find an antidote to the poison afflicting his troops. He provides you with a report outlining the patients' symptoms and asks you to deliver it to Noirterel. He hopes that he might be able to help develop a cure.
  • Though Noirterel does not know how to develop an antidote, she is reminded of a book, predating the Calamity, that described a poison-breathing dragon. She does not know any more herself, but suspects this dragon may be the source of the poison afflicting the troops. Someone more knowledgeable about the Sixth Astral Era might be more helpful. Find Sigan and show him Redwald's report.
  • Sigan relates an old coerthan tale describing the source of the dragons' poisonous breath-- a deadly and poisonous type of brambleweed known as thorny viper. A creature that nests near Gorgagne Mills, the blackblood zu, eats this same toxic plant. Whatever grants the zu immunity to the thorny viper may hold the key to creating an antidote to the dragon poison ultimately stemming from the same root. Sigan provides you with an ember and some fragrant herbs. Travel to Gorgagne Mills, use the herbs to lure the zu from its nest, and retrieve its blood.
  • You find a conveniently-located brazier and light it with the ember. Use this hearty fire to burn the aromatic herbs and draw the zu from hiding.
  • The burning herbs will soon attact the zu. Lie in wait for the beast. When it appears, kill it and take its precious blood.
  • You have slain the zu. Return to Sigan with its blood.
  • No sooner do you deliver the blood to Sigan than Redwald appears. He apologizes wholeheartedly for disregarding the hard-earned wisdom of Coerthas' native citizens. He sends for Ishgard's finest alchemists to refine the zu blood into an antidote and pledges to repay Sigan's assistance with the hospitality he deserves.