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Mum's the Word

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Mum's the Word

Quest giver
House Durendaire Knight
The Pillars (X:11.4, Y:10.9)
Quest line
The Pillars Quests

Experience 24,000
Gil 640
Previous quest

This House Durendaire knight needs an adventurer who can keep a secret.

— In-game description




  • Speak with the knight of the brush at the Forgotten Knight.
  • Deliver the faded iconograph to Emerissel at Falcon's Nest.


  • This House Durendaire knight needs an adventurer who can keep a secret.
  • Seeing you are not native to Ishgard, a knight of House Durendaire request a favor of you. He asks that you deliver a gift to Falcon's Nest. What the gift is, he is not at a liberty to say. All he can tell you is that the knight of the brush has a package waiting for you at the Forgotten Knight.
  • You arrive at the Forgotten Knight, and the knight of the brush recognizes you right away. He hands you the package, insisting that you do not open the box. It is not safe to be seen out in the open. He insists that you head to Falcon's Nest and deliver the package to Emerissel. And if anyone asks, you and the knight of the brush have never met.
  • Emerissel is curious why you give him such strange looks-- that is, until he sees the package. One glimpse of the painting wrapped inside sends him into the throes of a stange euphoric experience, ranting about renewed religious fervor. He soon regains his composure and asks you to keep this all secret. However, you cannot shake the feeling that you have done something terribly wrong.

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