Arms Supplier and Mender (Buscarron's Druthers)

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Arms Supplier and Mender

Arms Supplier and Mender South Shroud.PNG

Male ♂
Elezen (Wildwood)
South Shroud (18.2,19.9)

— In-game description

Arms Supplier and Mender is an Elezen found in South Shroud.

Items for Sale

Purchase Weapons

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Carnage sword icon1.png   Carnage Sword Sword ABasic 20
Gil 869
Iron shortsword icon1.png   Iron Shortsword Sword ABasic 22
Gil 1,297
Iron spatha icon1.png   Iron Spatha Sword ABasic 24
Gil 1,354
Inferno axe icon1.png   Inferno Axe Greataxe ABasic 20
Gil 1,116
Iron bill icon1.png   Iron Bill Greataxe ABasic 23
Gil 2,027
Thunderstorm axe icon1.png   Thunderstorm Axe Greataxe ABasic 25
Gil 2,271
Iron lance icon1.png   Iron Lance Polearm ABasic 20
Gil 1,296
Iron guisarme icon1.png   Iron Guisarme Polearm ABasic 23
Gil 2,112
Spiked knuckles icon1.png   Spiked Knuckles Fist Weapon ABasic 23
Gil 1,745
Iron daggers icon1.png   Iron Daggers Daggers ABasic 20
Gil 756
Iron pugiones icon1.png   Iron Pugiones Daggers ABasic 22
Gil 1,028
Elm velocity bow icon1.png   Elm Velocity Bow Bow ABasic 21
Gil 1,514
Wrapped elm longbow icon1.png   Wrapped Elm Longbow Bow ABasic 24
Gil 2,095
Wind brand icon1.png   Wind Brand Staff ABasic 21
Gil 904
Staghorn staff icon1.png   Staghorn Staff Staff ABasic 20
Gil 1,170
Sanguine horn staff icon1.png   Sanguine Horn Staff Staff ABasic 23
Gil 1,830
Engraved hard leather grimoire icon1.png   Engraved Hard Leather Grimoire Book ABasic 20
Gil 1,098
Yew picatrix icon1.png   Yew Picatrix Book ABasic 22
Gil 1,566
Goatskin grimoire icon1.png   Goatskin Grimoire Book ABasic 26
Gil 2,522
Budding ash wand icon1.png   Budding Ash Wand Cane ABasic 21
Gil 904
Yew radical icon1.png   Yew Radical Cane ABasic 21
Gil 1,367
Pastoral yew cane icon1.png   Pastoral Yew Cane Cane ABasic 23
Gil 1,830
Iron scutum icon1.png   Iron Scutum Shield ABasic 23
Gil 2,112
Viper-crested round shield icon1.png   Viper-crested Round Shield Shield ABasic 25
Gil 1,758

Purchase Tools

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Initiates saw icon1.png   Initiate's Saw Saw ABasic 19
Gil 815
Bas-relief iron saw icon1.png   Bas-relief Iron Saw Saw ABasic 23
Gil 1,379
Iron claw hammer icon1.png   Iron Claw Hammer Claw Hammer ABasic 20
Gil 684
Initiates claw hammer icon1.png   Initiate's Claw Hammer Claw Hammer ABasic 24
Gil 1,225
Initiates head knife icon1.png   Initiate's Head Knife Head Knife ABasic 19
Gil 765
Iron round knife icon1.png   Iron Round Knife Head Knife ABasic 23
Gil 1,295
Iron awl icon1.png   Iron Awl Awl ABasic 19
Gil 599
Initiates awl icon1.png   Initiate's Awl Awl ABasic 23
Gil 1,013
Initiates hatchet icon1.png   Initiate's Hatchet Hatchet ABasic 19
Gil 765
Brass hatchet icon1.png   Brass Hatchet Hatchet ABasic 23
Gil 1,295
Iron scythe icon1.png   Iron Scythe Scythe ABasic 20
Gil 684
Initiates scythe icon1.png   Initiate's Scythe Scythe ABasic 24
Gil 1,225
Initiates fishing rod icon1.png   Initiate's Fishing Rod Fishing Rod ABasic 20
Gil 882

Purchase Battle Gear

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Iron celata icon1.png   Iron Celata Head ABasic 20
Gil 992
Iron sallet icon1.png   Iron Sallet Head ABasic 20
Gil 708
Goatskin eyepatch icon1.png   Goatskin Eyepatch Head ABasic 20
Gil 708
Ash mask (lapis lazuli) icon1.png   Ash Mask (Lapis Lazuli) Head ABasic 20
Gil 425
Cotton sugarloaf hat icon1.png   Cotton Sugarloaf Hat Head ABasic 22
Gil 771
Iron elmo icon1.png   Iron Elmo Head ABasic 23
Gil 1,330
Reinforced iron sallet icon1.png   Reinforced Iron Sallet Head ABasic 23
Gil 1,108
Iron cuirass icon1.png   Iron Cuirass Body ABasic 20
Gil 1,228
Goatskin jacket icon1.png   Goatskin Jacket Body ABasic 20
Gil 877
Cotton halfrobe icon1.png   Cotton Halfrobe Body ABasic 21
Gil 820
Iron scale mail icon1.png   Iron Scale Mail Body ABasic 23
Gil 1,647
Cotton trappers tunic icon1.png   Cotton Trapper's Tunic Body ABasic 23
Gil 1,372
Cotton robe icon1.png   Cotton Robe Body ABasic 24
Gil 1,257
Iron gauntlets icon1.png   Iron Gauntlets Hands ABasic 20
Gil 882
Goatskin armguards icon1.png   Goatskin Armguards Hands ABasic 20
Gil 630
Cotton dress gloves icon1.png   Cotton Dress Gloves Hands ABasic 21
Gil 589
Iron scale fingers icon1.png   Iron Scale Fingers Hands ABasic 23
Gil 1,182
Cotton bracers icon1.png   Cotton Bracers Hands ABasic 23
Gil 985
Goatskin lightmitts icon1.png   Goatskin Lightmitts Hands ABasic 23
Gil 985
Padded cotton trousers icon1.png   Padded Cotton Trousers Legs ABasic 20
Gil 675
Goatskin brais icon1.png   Goatskin Brais Legs ABasic 20
Gil 675
Cotton gaskins icon1.png   Cotton Gaskins Legs ABasic 22
Gil 734
Goatskin breeches icon1.png   Goatskin Breeches Legs ABasic 23
Gil 1,056
Cotton kecks icon1.png   Cotton Kecks Legs ABasic 23
Gil 844
Iron sabatons icon1.png   Iron Sabatons Feet ABasic 20
Gil 1,008
Goatskin leg guards icon1.png   Goatskin Leg Guards Feet ABasic 20
Gil 720
Cotton dress shoes icon1.png   Cotton Dress Shoes Feet ABasic 22
Gil 783
Iron scale greaves icon1.png   Iron Scale Greaves Feet ABasic 23
Gil 1,351
Iron-plated jackboots icon1.png   Iron-plated Jackboots Feet ABasic 23
Gil 1,126
Goatskin duckbills icon1.png   Goatskin Duckbills Feet ABasic 24
Gil 1,031

Purchase Field Gear

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Cotton coif of gathering icon1.png   Cotton Coif of Gathering Head ABasic 19
Gil 524
Initiates headgear icon1.png   Initiate's Headgear Head ABasic 20
Gil 708
Velveteen bandana icon1.png   Velveteen Bandana Head ABasic 23
Gil 665
Cotton dalmatica of gathering icon1.png   Cotton Dalmatica of Gathering Body ABasic 18
Gil 602
Cotton kurta icon1.png   Cotton Kurta Body ABasic 18
Gil 602
Cotton doublet vest of crafting icon1.png   Cotton Doublet Vest of Crafting Body ABasic 21
Gil 1,025
Cotton doublet vest of gathering icon1.png   Cotton Doublet Vest of Gathering Body ABasic 21
Gil 1,025
Cotton work gloves icon1.png   Cotton Work Gloves Hands ABasic 20
Gil 630
Initiates gloves icon1.png   Initiate's Gloves Hands ABasic 20
Gil 630
Velveteen halfgloves icon1.png   Velveteen Halfgloves Hands ABasic 24
Gil 902
Fingerless goatskin gloves of gathering icon1.png   Fingerless Goatskin Gloves of Gathering Hands ABasic 25
Gil 1,282
Cotton breeches of crafting icon1.png   Cotton Breeches of Crafting Legs ABasic 19
Gil 499
Initiates slops icon1.png   Initiate's Slops Legs ABasic 20
Gil 540
Velveteen chausses icon1.png   Velveteen Chausses Legs ABasic 24
Gil 846
Velveteen sarouel of gathering icon1.png   Velveteen Sarouel of Gathering Legs ABasic 25
Gil 1,099
Padded leather duckbills of gathering icon1.png   Padded Leather Duckbills of Gathering Feet ABasic 19
Gil 532
Initiates thighboots icon1.png   Initiate's Thighboots Feet ABasic 20
Gil 720
Goatskin espadrilles icon1.png   Goatskin Espadrilles Feet ABasic 22
Gil 783
Elm pattens icon1.png   Elm Pattens Feet ABasic 24
Gil 1,160

Purchase Items

Item Type Cost
Potion icon1.png   Potion Medicine Gil 28
Ether icon1.png   Ether Medicine Gil 60
Antidote icon1.png   Antidote Medicine Gil 39
Eye drops icon1.png   Eye Drops Medicine Gil 19
Grade 2 dark matter icon1.png   Grade 2 Dark Matter Other Gil 12
Grade 3 dark matter icon1.png   Grade 3 Dark Matter Other Gil 24
Saltwater boilie icon1.png   Saltwater Boilie Other Gil 15
Freshwater boilie icon1.png   Freshwater Boilie Other Gil 15
Butterworm icon1.png   Butterworm Other Gil 5
Crow fly icon1.png   Crow Fly Other Gil 240
Bass ball icon1.png   Bass Ball Other Gil 6