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Gyorin the Namazu

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Gyorin the Namazu

Gyorin the Namazu Image.png
Quest giver
Yanxia (X:15.4, Y:32.2)
Quest line
Gyorin the Namazu

Required quest
Perchance to Hanami
Required items
1  Gyorin's Fishing Rod
Experience 99,900
Gil 800
Next quest
No Wealth Like Mineral Wealth

Gyorin of Yuzuka Manor is casting a perplexed look in your direction.

— In-game description


Optional rewards




  • Gyorin wishes to enlist your aid in his struggle to become a successful and influential merchant. Speak with him at the storehouse in the Glittering Basin where he hoards his wares.
  • Gyorin shows you his proud store of treasures and trinkets, which to the discerning eye is unequivocally a midden of unsellable garbage and refuse. Accepting of your harsh appraisal, he resolves to take up fishing to source his mercantile endeavors. Speak with Gyorin at the Glittering Basin once more.
  • At the outset of his new life of fishing, Gyorin managed to drop his precious and prized pole. Search the Glittering Basin for Gyorin's fishing rod.
  • You have found Gyorin's fishing rod. Return it to him at the Glittering Basin.
  • You have returned Gyorin's fishing rod to him. He confides in you that since dropping the pole, he has been considering the pursuit of other means to make his way as a merchant. Travel to the Glittering Basin and speak with him once again.
  • After turning to the sagacious teachings written in his emakimono, Gyorin decides to engage in the prospecting and mining of mineral wealth.


Accepting the Quest

Gyorin: You look not as one who hails from here. May I inquire, are you a traveler, an adventurer? If so, there is a deed I would ask of you.

Gyorin: But before we delve into details, introductions are in order. I am Gyorin, Gyorin I am. I live in this shack with others like myself. And I, like many, have a dream. Yes, yes.

Gyorin: I aspire to become the greatest of merchants! To be rich, to be wealthy, beyond compare. And then to have an apron made for me that is mine and mine alone. Yes, yes, that is my dream.

Gyorin: Among the many treasures in our shack are a collection of emakimono that someone left behind. Beautiful pictures, wise words. One tells the ancient tale of a poor merchant who rose to great heights. Yes, yes. Ever since reading that, I have dreamt of doing the same.

Gyorin: In that very tale, an able adventurer much like yourself appeared. Quite clever, quite knowing. He gifted to the merchant his wisdom, his ways. And lo, here you are! It can be no mere coincidence. It is fate, destiny!

Gyorin: You must forgive my manners. In my excitement I neglected to ask your name, your title. Might I have it?

Gyorin: [Player], is it? Then I shall call you [Player]. Yes, yes, that will do nicely. Now, where were we?

Gyorin: Ah, of course. I was hoping to enlist your aid in my rise through the merchant ranks. I'm afraid I am quite forgetful these days. I am, I am.

Gyorin: My storehouse lies not far from here. Would you do me the honor of paying a visit? I keep all my wares there. My treasures, my trinkets. I should very much like to hear your honest appraisal. Yes, yes.

Gyorin: Come, then, [Player]. You need only follow me. This way, this way.