Arrzaneth Ossuary

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Arrzaneth Ossuary

One of many temples under the care of the Order of Nald'thal, Arrzaneth Ossuary is devoted to the worship of Thal, the divine arbiter of the afterlife. Two kinds of people visit its halls: the destitute praying for fortune in the realm of the dead, and the moneyed seeking extravagant funerary rites.

— In-game description

Arrzaneth Ossuary is a area in Ul'dah - Steps of Nald.


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Erralig's Burial Chamber

Built within the remains of ancient ruins dating far before Ul'dah's foundation, Erralig's Burial Chamber is a crypt open to all Ul'dahns-provided they make the donations to the temple. The prestigious lowest levels of the Chamber are reserved for those who have given very generously. Small contributions merit entombment in the top levels, while a pittance reportedly lands corpses in the wilds where the monsters roam.

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