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Pedal to the Metal

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Pedal to the Metal

Gift of the Gob.png
Quest giver
Idyllshire (X:7.1, Y:5.9)
Required items
20 Feather iron ore icon1.png  Feather Iron Ore
Experience 1,758,750
Gil 2,957
Previous quest
Thick Skin
Next quest
Where the Money Takes You

Nonowato longs to live in a world where he is able to simply ask you to do some mining.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Level 65 Mineral Deposit



  • Nonowato longs to live in a world where he is able to simply ask you to do some mining.
  • Nonowato greets you once again by dangling the prospect of a mining job in front of you before cruelly snatching it away. It seems yet another fight has broken out at the Bangpots and Stickqix would appreciate your help. You hurry to the manufactory with Nonowato to see exactly what is going on.
  • You find Stickqix in the midst of longing for simpler times when his work was seldom interrupted by infighting. He explains that Stackblox and Zansei have been arguing over the design of the gobroller's controls. You agree to play mediator once more and go to talk with the two workers.
  • If there is one thing Stickqix's workers are not lacking, it is passion. Zansei and Stackblox have been locked in a heated debate and whether the Gobroller's controls should be made to accommodate men or goblins. having ascertained their respective positions, you are now ready to fill Stickqix in on the situation.
  • You explain the cause of the quarrel to Stickqix and he asks that you obtain feather iron ore on his behalf. You are told that his merchant friend will be able to explain where you are to begin the search. You head for the Hard Place wondering just who Stickqix's friend is exactly.
  • After arriving at the Hard Place you are greeted by a familiar gobbieface, one that has helped you before. Remembering your past favor, the goblin merchant tells you the location of the mineral you seek free of charge. You prepare yourself for the long journey to Sakazuki all in the good name of technological innovation.
  • Stickqix shows the minerals he requested to Zansei and Stackblox in the hope that it might get their creative juices flowing. Sadly, neither of them are able to grasp what he is suggesting and Stickqix is forced to spell things out: Zansei and Stackblox must work together using the fruits of your labor to create controls which suit all races.
  • You speak with Stickqix once more. He has been troubled enough by the recent disharmony that he is considering asking an old friend, Slowfix, for advice on how to proceed. Not wishing to weigh you down with such heavy thoughts, he bids you head outside and join Nonowato, who has been patiently waiting for you.
  • Nonowato thanks you again for your efforts while apologizing that he was unable to do more himself. He suggests you use the time you have before the next job to rest up and hone your mining skills.