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A Sober Proposal

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A Sober Proposal

A sober proposal1.png
Quest giver
Stressed Soldier
Gangos (X:5.5, Y:5.3)
Quest line
Resistance Weapons Quests
Experience 0
Gil 655
Previous quest
Feature QuestWhere Eagles Nest
Next quest
Repeatable Feature QuestFor Want of a Memory

A Stressed Soldier seeks your counsel regarding the Resistance weapons.

— In-game description



  • A stressed soldier seeks your counsel regarding the Resistance weapons.
  • As the soldier explains it, Gerolt and Zlatan are at a loss as to how they can further refine the Resistance weapons. The problem is exacerbated by Gerolt's refusal to speak his mind on possible solutions to their troubles. Considering your relationship, the soldier is hopeful you can spark new flames in the blacksmith's forge.
  • You speak with Gerolt, who confesses the inscriptions on the weapons are the source of his frustrations. It is not until Zlatan mentions a report from Gunnhildr's Blades about strange new crystals that Gerolt is suddenly struck with inspiration. Confident they are the key to strengthening the inscriptions of the Resistance weapons, Gerolt bids you and Zlatan to search out these crystallized memories.