Accept No Imitations

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Feature Quest icon.png

Accept No Imitations

Way of the Leatherworker.png
Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:12, Y:7)
Required items
1 Geva's choker Icon.png  Geva's Choker
1 Raptorskin jerkin icon1.png  Raptorskin Jerkin HQ icon.png
1 Gatherers grasp materia iii icon1.png  Gatherer's Grasp Materia III
Experience 210,600
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestDissension in the Ranks
Next quest
Feature QuestTurndown Service

Geva appears to be very, very happy to see you.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:


Obtain this quest by talking to Geva after completing Dissension in the Ranks. She will explain that after withdrawing from the exhibition, the leatherworker’s guild has experienced an influx of clients. She requests that the player deliver a choker to Dauid, west of the Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre Aethernet Shard (x:9.3, y:8.1). Dauid reveals himself to be a representative of Angrbotha, and offers the player a job. Return to Geva to inform her of this revelation. She reveals many renowned leatherworkers are withdrawing from the exhibition, leaving the path clear for Angrbotha to win top honors. She then tasks the player with representing the leatherworker’s guild in the exhibition. She tasks the player with the creation of a raptorskin jerkin HQ icon.png melded with a gatherer's grasp materia III. A raptorskin jerkin requires: 1 boar leather, 2 raptor leather, 1 undyed felt, and 1 electrum ingot. The jerkin can also be obtained from the Market, it does not need to be crafted by the player. The same is true for the required materia, this is recommended as it can be quite time consuming, and is highly luck dependent to obtain naturally.

Once the Jerkin has been obtained/crafted, and the materia has been melded to it, deliver it to Estaine, outside the Amphitheatre (x:10.1, y:8.8). After the cutscene, return to the leatherworkers guild to speak to Geva. Doing so will finish the quest. Note that all optional rewards can be crafted.



  • Geva appears to be very, very happy to see you.
  • Geva's decision to withdraw from the exhibition has done little for her nerves, as what little free time she gained has been spent filling commissions for customers. Unable to deliver her wares herself, she has entrusted you with a choker ordered by a client, who is currently waiting at the Whistling Miller.
  • The customer to whom you delivered the choker turned out to be none other than Dauid, owner of Angrbotha Apparel and Accoutrements, the organization responsible for many of the guild's recent troubles. Not content to disparage Geva and her work, the charlatan also has the audacity to offer you employment. Return to the Leatherworkers' Guild and inform Geva of this troubling development.
  • You complete your jerkin and submit it just in time for the exhibition to begin. Though the judges are initially swayed by Angrbotha's rugged yet serviceable craftsmanship, your late entry quickly earns the accolades of all present, and ultimately the award for best in show. A stunned Dauid is then forced to accompany two Wailers, as his questionable business practices have at last come to light. Return to the Leatherworkers' Guild and report to Geva.
  • Your triumph at the exhibition leads Geva to declare your apprenticeship is over, and that you are now a full-fledged artisan of the Leatherworkers' Guild. As her hands will be full retraining those who have returned to the guild from Angrbotha, Geva will most assuredly be counting on your aid again. Continue to hone your skills so as not to disappoint her.