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By Your Bootstraps

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By Your Bootstraps

Turndown Service.png
Quest giver
The Pillars (X:6.0, Y:9.5)
Required items
1 Wyvernskin workboots icon1.png  Wyvernskin Workboots
Experience 663,390
Gil 567
Previous quest
Turndown Service
Next quest
Perfect Pitch

Elde is wearing a slightly apologetic look.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Elde is wearing a slightly apologetic look.
  • Though you have gone to speak with Elde about joining her store as an advisor, the first thing she asks you to do is deliver a donation of coin to a nearby merchant. While you are unsure as to why this falls to you, make your way up the Jeweled Crozier to Mistress Elaisse regardless.
  • Elaisse accepts the donation, noting that these are funds to support the fledgling Ishgardian Mercantile Guild. As way of thanks, she bids you tell Elde to beware of Gerhardt. Return now with this ominous message.
  • Elde appreciates Elaisse's concern, but she disregards the warning. Now, she finally asks for your help with her plan. Since the climate changes in Coerthas, it appears that warm footwear is in great demand amongst Ishgard's commoners. Ortefauchel, who seems quite taken with Elde's shop, seconds this opinion. Subsequently, Elde asks that you fashion a pair of high-quality wyvernskin workboots─not to sell, but rather to use as a pattern for her own craftsmen.
  • Elde is pleased with your boots, as is Ortefauchel, who orders a pair immediately. A passing fellow also takes a fancy to the footwear, going so far as to dub you a "Gridanian master." Much encouraged, Elde prepares to put her plan into motion.
    • ※The next leatherworker quest will be available from Elde upon reaching level 55.