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To Have Loved and Lost

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To Have Loved and Lost

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Quest giver
Sul Oul
Il Mheg (X:22.7, Y:4.0)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Role Quests
Tank role.png Tank
Experience 448,800
Gil 2,789
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Hardened Heart
Next quest
Side QuestWorth Fighting For
Side QuestOnce, Twice, Three Times a Warrior
Side QuestOur Closure
Side QuestGunblades of the Patriots
Side QuestShadow Walk with Me

Sul Oul is eager to hear what Granson has to say.

— In-game description





  • Sul Oul is eager to hear what Granson has to say.
  • Having taken ample time to consider the nature of the man Branden was, and the man Granson had convinced himself he must be, the hunter has at last accepted the simple truth: that a hardened heart full of hate is ultimately empty. There is naught to be gained from playing the part of a vengeful hero, for there are only victims in his story. And so he must bring an end to the tale and lay Milinda and Branden's spirits to rest...and then move on. Satisfied that Granson has at last turned away from the brink, Sul Oul reveals the location of the Claws of Orthus, and furnishes you with a satchel of powder to dispel the glamour that shields it from view.
  • After coming to the designated location in Timh Gyeus, you cast the powder into the air with a flourish, which settles to reveal the hidden coffer. Granson kneels and withdraws the Claws of Orthus, and as if on cue, Dikaiosyne appears to claim his prize, and the battle is joined.
  • Though your enemy is formidable indeed, together you and Granson manage to lay the fallen Warrior of Light low. As he begins to fade into motes of aether, Branden seems to regain a fragment of his lost self, as he reflects on perhaps the most painful decision of his life. To your surprise, however, you learn that like Granson, he managed to reject the mistaken belief that he need forsake compassion and love to move on, and instead chose to embrace it, that he might honor the memory of the lady Sauldia.
  • Sul Oul is relieved to hear that Branden's soul is at peace...and that the turmoil in Granson's heart has subsided as well. With the deed done, the hunter has no need for the royal relics of Voeburt, and so he entrusts them to the former retainer that they may be enshrined in the fallen kingdom forevermore.
  • Having returned to the Crystarium, his hunt at an end, Granson turns his thoughts to the future, and realizes that he no longer feels at home there or in Wright or anywhere else. The road shall host him for the time being, as he believes that someone, somewhere must surely be in need of a reliable sword hand. Though your time together is at an end, there is no reason to think you will not meet again, and so you bid farewell to each other...until the next hunt.