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The Hardened Heart

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The Hardened Heart

The Man with Too Many Scars.png
Quest giver
Sul Oul
Il Mheg (X:22.7, Y:4.0)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Role Quests
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestAcht-la Ormh Inn
Tank role.png Tank
Experience 227,520
Gil 2,416
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Princess and Her Knight
Next quest
Feature QuestTo Have Loved and Lost

Sul Oul seems rather more pleased to entertain you than Granson.

— In-game description



  • In the solo duty for this quest, you will play as Branden. Ardbert, Nylbert, Lamitt, and Renda-Rae will fight alongside you. Ardbert will fight half of the enemies, you will fight the other half.
  • Shortly after starting to fight the initial four 4 enemies, bring them to the center for Ardbert to kill them.
  • Tadric will then summon two Transmutated Traitors.
  • Stack (i.e. stand on top/in front of, to tank damage) upon Nylbert when the Transmutated Traitors start casting Sanctified Fire III.
    • If you do not stack, the duty will fail.
  • After the attack finishes go back and fight your Transmutated Traitor.
  • When the Transmutated Traitor begins casting Sanctified Dark, interrupt it with the skill provided. You only need to interrupt the one traitor designated to you.
    • If you do not interrupt Sanctified Dark, the duty will fail.
  • Kill off the traitors and then Tadric will continue to spawn more enemies to fight.
  • When Nylbert and Renda-Rae start charging their attacks, bring the enemies you have into both of their paths for maximum damage on the enemies.
  • After that, Tadric will summon 2 canine monstrosities and they will target Lamitt. Step into the line they project to change their target from Lamitt to you.
  • Once the last of the adds are defeated, Tadric must be defeated before he finishes casting Santified Quake III to complete the duty.



  • Sul Oul seems rather more pleased to entertain you than Granson.
  • Having finally completed your respective tasks, you and Granson bid Sul Oul to tell you what they know of Branden, the former Warrior of Light. However, the Nu Mou's fond words for the fallen knight spur Granson to lash out in anger, as he is unwilling to think of the man as anything but the eater he has become. The Nu Mou regards him quietly for a moment before inviting the two of you to accompany them to Lyhe Ghiah to hear a story...
  • In the ruins of the ancient castle of Lyhe Ghiah, Sul Oul regales you with the tale of Branden and the lady Sauldia. The young knight served as the princess's bodyguard for a time, until he failed in his duty to protect her during one of her many “investigations.” Though she would make a full recovery, Branden was nevertheless stripped of his knighthood and cast out...only to return one day, a grizzled adventurer in the company of fledgling heroes. Together they sought to identify the culprit behind the mysterious transformations which had continued unabated in Branden's absence. And so their search would lead them to the viper in their midst...
  • Tadric, court mage and loyal servant of the royal family, was the architect of Voeburt's misery. Consumed by pride and jealousy, he had orchestrated the transformations in an effort to throw the kingdom into chaos that he might claim Voeburt's throne for himself. Though the Warriors of Light succeeded in putting an end to his ambitions, their victory was marred by tragedy when Tadric, in a final act of spite before he breathed his last, cursed Sauldia like he had so many others, condemning her to a fate worse than death. Through the power of the Echo, you bear witness to the court mage's final well as hers, as Branden carries out her final order, and releases her from her torment...
  • Good and evil, right and wrong. There is a comfort in simplicity. Granson had convinced himself that Branden was the villain of his personal story─that his tragedy could have meaning and purpose so long as he saw it through to the proper conclusion. But life is not a faerie tale, and Branden was a man like any other, full of hopes and dreams and regrets...including one which mirrored the hunter's own. Unsure how to reconcile this truth, Granson asks for a moment to think on his path. For indeed, if we are not who we believe ourselves to be...then who are we?