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Male ♂
Hume (Midlander)
Vanquisher of Virtue
The Crystarium (10.4,16.1)
Quest NPC

Can't say I've chatted with you before. Think I'd remember if I had. Seen your fair share of fighting, have you?

— In-game description

Granson Ketchthane is a Hume found in The Crystarium.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Man with Too Many Scars Role quest 70 Granson
Shaped by Tragedy Role quest 72 Granson
Defined by Loss Role quest 74 Granson
The Princess and Her Knight Role quest 76 Granson

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Warrior of Darkness Main Scenario quest 71 Crystal Exarch
The Hardened Heart Role quest 78 Sul Oul
To Have Loved and Lost Role quest 80 Sul Oul


"I couldn't care less who you are or what you've done. The only thing I'm looking for these days is a like-minded partner."

Granson was once a game hunter who lived a humble-but-happy life with his beloved, Milinda. That life was irrevocably changed the day he returned home to witness his village under attack by a Cardinal Virtue, and his bride-to-be transforming into a sin eater. Knowing the finality of such a metamorphosis, Granson's last gift to his love was death's respite. It was then that he took up his blade in pursuit of larger prey—namely the fiend who robbed him of everything, Dikaiosyne. Aided by the Warrior of Darkness, he finally achieved his revenge, but not before learning of his bitter enemy's own tragic loss. Inspired by Branden's commitment to justice, Granson now dedicates himself to others, journeying across the recovering realm to deliver succor. Still, this Hume of twenty-eight summers often finds himself reflecting upon the days he spent with Milinda, and has found no meal he likes so well as the soup she used to make.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume III, p. 154

Mournful Blade

Granson bought this nondescript greatsword for a song from a Derelicts scavenger. Seeing it was in far-from-perfect shape, Milinda made use of her skills as a goldsmith and furnished the blade with a new guard. The weapon means more than life itself to Granson, and he ensures it is always in prime condition.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume III, p. 154