To Guard a Guardian

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To Guard a Guardian

To Guard a Guardian Image.png
Quest giver
Mother Miounne
New Gridania (X:11, Y:13)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Required items
1  Miounne's Letter
Experience 12,880
Gil 0
Previous quest
Dread Is in the Air
Next quest
Festive Endeavors

Miounne has a mind to assign you a mission of great import.

— In-game description




  • A large Ixali force has amassed at the Guardian Tree. Make all haste to Everschade, and assist in the great tree's defense.
  • You have succeeded in repelling the Ixal, whom evidence suggests were acting under the command of the mysterious masked mage. What is the significance of the black crystal that was left at the scene, and who exactly are the two scholars from Sharlayan? For now, set aside your questions, and make your way back to the Seat of the First Bow, where Bowlord Lewin awaits.
  • At the Seat of the First Bow, you are graciously received by Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna. As a token of her gratitude for saving the day, she invites you to serve as Emissary in the forthcoming Greenbliss ceremony. Touched by her gesture, you are inspired anew to continue to strive for the good of Gridania.


[Unvoiced Cutscene START]

Mother Miounne: Time is of the essence, so I shall speak plain.

In the distance, the two young Elezen twins from the chocobo carriage before walk past and out the Carline Canopy's entrance.

Mother Miounne: Based on Luquelot's observations, the Ixal have designs on the Guardian Tree, and they mean to act soon.

Mother Miounne: The tree is the oldest living thing in this ancient forest, and it is held sacred by every forestborn Gridanian.

Mother Miounne: Should it come to any harm, the elementals would fly into a rage beyond pacifying. I dread to think of the chaos that would ensue.

Mother Miounne: There isn't much time. We must act quickly.

Mother Miounne: [Forename], please see this letter to the hands of Bowlord Lewin, at the Seat of the First Bow in Quiver's Hold. Should the need arise, pray put yourself wholly at the man's disposal. I strongly suspect he will need all the able-bodied souls he can muster.

Mother Miounne: The fate of Gridania hangs in the balance. Go swiftly, [Forename].

[Unvoiced Cutscene END]

Gods' Quiver Bow: An urgent message from Mother Miounne? Very well, you may enter.

> No

Gods' Quiver Bow: Mayhap the messenger has forgotten the message? Should you gather your wits, I will be here.

> Yes

You move into the Seat of the First Bow.

Speaking with Bowlord Lewin:

Lewin: So you are [Forename] [Surname], the adventurer of whom I have heard so much. I understand you wish words with me.

Lewin: Miounne has information on the Ixal, you say? Speak freely─you have both my ears.

You hand over Mioune's letter to Bowlord Lewin.

[Unvoiced Cutscene START]

Bowlord lewin takes the letter and scans it. His eyes widen.

Lewin: << ...Matron forfend! They mean to defile the Guardian Tree? >>

You explain the situation to Bowlord Lewin. He crosses his arms. #WoLSpeaksTally

Lewin: Before Nophica, I swear those filthy birdmen will not touch it─nay, not so much as a single leaf!

Lewin: Twelve help me! How can it be that neither the Wood Wailers nor the Gods' Quiver caught wind of this?

Lewin: I cannot help but think this plot bears the mark of the masked devil who has eluded us for so long. We must be wary─this incursion may be more than it seems.

Lewin: Ah, would that the Warriors of Light were still with us...

But this is no time for such idle thoughts. I thank you for delivering this message. You may assure Miounne that I will dispatch a unit of my best men to investi─

Gods' Quiver Bow: << My lord! >>

A dark-grey-haired Hyuran Gods' Quiver Bow runs into the room. The man doubles over and clutches his side from the exertion.

Lewin: << What is it!? >>

Gods' Quiver Bow: << It's the Ixal, sir! The Ixal have amassed at the Guardian Tree! >>

Lewin is taken aback.

Lewin: << Already!? Bloody hells... >>

Lewin: [Forename]─Miounne believes you capable, and I can think of no better judge than she. Lend us your strength this day─aid in the defense of the Guardian Tree!

You nod silently. #StoicNodWoLTally

[Unvoiced Cutscene END]

  • Note: The God's Quiver Bow Hyur that ran into the room is standing to the left of the door when the unvoiced cutscene ends.

At the Guardian Tree:

Gods' Quiver Instructor: The Bowlord sent you, yes? Good to have you with us!

Gods' Quiver Instructor: The birdmen have completely surrounded the Guardian Tree, and their calls grow more urgent by the minute.

Gods' Quiver Instructor: Whatever it is they mean to do, we cannot let them go through with it. They must be stopped, no matter the cost!

Duty calls. Commence battle for "To Guard a Guardian"?

※Level sync is in effect. If you are above the maximum allowed level, your level will be synced as follows:

[S] Level: 18

> Proceed > Leave

Ixali Occultists: ~( O mournful voice of creation!

O mournful voice of time! )~

Ixali Chieftain: << Squaaawk! Attend me, all! >>

The Ixali Chieftain raises their arms up.

Ixali Chieftain: << To us, this forest, Tinolqa, belongs! >>

The Ixali occultists let out a raucous cheer.

Ixali Chieftain: << Wisdom of Paragons, we possess! To our former glory, restore us it will! >>

Ixali Chieftain: << From this tree, a great crystal we take! Unto Garuda, an offering we shall make! >>

Ixali Chieftain: << Unfeathered ones and elementals, banish we shall! Our ancient home, reclaim we will! Squaaawk! >>

The Ixali occultists let out a raucous cheer.

Lewin: First squad, left flank. Second and third, right flank.

Archers & lancers hidden around the area begin to move into position.

Lewin: The rest, form the main host with me. It is high time we reminded our Ixal guests why we Quivermen are to be feared!

The two archers crouching behind Bowlord Lewin stand up and run off to their positions. Bowlord Lewin stands up and addresses you.

Lewin: This position is yours, adventurer. May the elementals keep you!

Lewin runs off to join the two archers. You and the archers & lancers run out to confront the Ixal. The Ixal Chieftain turns in surprise.

Ixali Chieftain: << Squawk!? >>

Ixali Chieftain: << Interrupt us, you dare!? In your own blood, you shall bathe! >>

[Duty begins.]

Galfrid the Gallant: The enemy chieftain is mine!

Miraudont the Madder: We shall engage the main flock!

Galfrid the Gallant: Another wave!? Where are they coming from!?

Quzal Huatotl the Shrieker: Wisdom of Paragons, almighty is!

Perish, unfeathered ones shall!

Quzal Huatotl the Shrieker: Creature of the abyss! Mine enemies, strike down!

Galfrid the Gallant: A voidsent!? Th-This bodes ill!

Miraudont the Madder: Hold fast! We almost have him!

[Duty Ends.]

[Unvoiced Cutscene START]

Gods' Quiver Bow: Impressive work, adventurer.

Gods' Quiver Bow: The Bowlord bids you hold this position. Enemies may yet lurk near, so stay on your guard.

Gods' Quiver Bow: We go to bolster the left flank, where the battle yet rages.

The Gods' Quiver Bow walks, and then runs off to join the left flank.

You sense something and turn to see a black-masked, black-robed person standing at the base of the Guardian Tree. The masked person walks towards you.

Masked Mage: The source of his/her strength becomes clear...

Masked Mage: You may have bested the golem, but you will not fare so well this day.

A red glyph appears on the masked mage's face, and darkness exudes from their body.

Masked Mage: ~( O mournful voice of creation! Send unto me a creature of the abyss, my thrall to command, that I may smite mine enemies! )~

The masked mage raises his arms high, and a portal opens for a voidsent to pass through.

Masked Mage: Your very being imperils the plan. You cannot be suffered to live.

[Unvoiced Cutscene END]

[Duty Begins.]

Masked Mage: Soon, you shall take your vile gifts to the grave!

Masked Mage: Mwahahaha! Writhe!

Writhe as the venom eats its way through your veins!

Masked Mage: How is this possible...?

Papalymo: I trust you won't object to our assistance!

Yda: Looks like you could do with a hand!

Masked Mage: Unwelcome guests... No matter, all shall fall before me!

Masked Mage: Whence comes your strength!?

Papalymo: It is past time we finished this!

Yda: Come on! We're almost there!

[Duty Ended]

[Unvoiced Cutscene START]

Masked Mage: Unnngh... That the wisdom of the Paragons should be brought mere mortals... collapses

Papalymo: ...Paragons?

Yda: That's what I heard.

Papalymo: The Bringers of Chaos...or Ascians, to give them their proper name.

Papalymo: It would seem our suspicions were correct─it is they who have been manipulating the beast tribes.

Bowlord Lewin and his cohort of Gods' Quiver Bows and Wood Wailers run into the scene. They surround the body of the masked mage.

Lewin: [Forename], are you unharmed!? Had I known this creature was near, I would have sent men, not called them away!

Gods' Quiver Bow: There is no mistake, sir─he is the one who stirred the Ixal from their nest. Our intelligence was reliable.

Lewin: So this is the man who has eluded us for so long?

Yda: Right! We finally got him!

Papalymo: We sensed an ominous presence, and came here as swiftly as our legs would carry us.

Yda: Well, it's good to know what we're up against, anyway.

Lewin: My thanks as ever, friends.

Lewin: Quivermen! Move out!

Lewin: To say you played an instrumental role in the success of this mission would scarcely do justice to your efforts this day, adventurer. Upon your return to Gridania, pray visit me at Quiver's Hold. I will see to it that you receive the thanks you are due.

Yda:'re probably wondering why we always seem to appear when there's trouble, right?

Yda: Well, trust me when I tell you that it's almost never our fault. Despite what it looks like, Papalymo and I are actually helping the Gridanians. And we've been doing so for a good few years, too. Oh! Did I mention that we're not from around here?

You speak. #WoLSpeaksTally

Yda: Hm? Why, yes, we are Sharlayans! However did you know?

Papalymo contemplates something.

Papalymo: So I wasn't mistaken...

Yda: Mistaken? About what?

Papalymo shakes his head.

Papalymo: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Yda fumes and waves her arms.

Yda: Awww! You always do that! Mumble something loaded with meaning, only to keep it to yourself when someone asks! It's unfair! And it's especially unfair when the someone is me!

Papalymo: << Oh, do calm down! I'll tell you later. >>

Yda: Hmph! I bet you won't. Anyway, all's well that ends well.

Papalymo: ...Quite. We'd best be on our way.

Yda: See you later!

You turn to see a dark crystal lying on the ground where the masked mage died. You walk up to it as the crystal shatters and releases a plume of darkness, then disappears.

[Unvoiced Cutscene END]

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