Festive Endeavors

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Festive Endeavors

Quest giver
Seat of the First Bow (X:3, Y:3)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Required items
1 Wooden Lockbox Icon.png  Wooden Lockbox
Experience 5,520
Gil 230
Previous quest
To Guard a Guardian
Next quest
Renewing the Covenant

Bowlord Lewin has information regarding your role in Greenbliss.

— In-game description




  • It appears that you will need to make certain preparations if you are to play the part of Emissary. Lewin suggests you consult Miounne regarding the necessary arrangements. Thought humbled by the Kan-E-Senna's gesture, you cannot help but feel apprehensive about what now seems a heavy responsibility. Then again, honor and duty always did go hand in hand...
  • Miounne explains that the Emissary plays an active role in the ceremony at the heart of the Greenbliss festival. It would appear you have been entrusted with the not insignificant task of representing mankind. Present yourself to Timbermaster Beatin of the Carpenters' Guild, and receive from him the ceremonial artifact traditionally worn during the rite.
  • The timbermaster has given you a wooden lockbox, along with a sinister warning. Return to the Carline Canopy, and present the former to Miounne.
  • According to Miounne, the Monoa mask given to you by Timbermaster Beatin is carved from consecrated lumber rendered up by the Guardian Tree. Now equipped to play the role of Emissary, you look forward to the festival's commencement with growing excitement... and perhaps a hint of anxiety.