The Carline Canopy

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The Carline Canopy

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The Black Shroud
Connects to
Central Shroud, East Shroud
New Gridania (X:17.8, Y:27.3)

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Nestled within the Roost, the Carline Canopy is Gridania's foremost tavern. The establishment's namesake flower apparently holds some sentimental value for the owner, Mother Miounne. The Canopy also allows the Adventurers' Guild a counter, making it a convenient meeting place for travelers—a haven for those seeking a respite from travel's travails or questing's quandaries. The Canopy's famous stained windows dapple the wooden floors with beams of yellow, green, and red, that slowly shift as the sun and moon crosses the sky. This kaleidoscope of light combines with the constant solemn murmur of the grand waterwheel without to create an atmosphere both soothing and sublime.

— In-game description

The Carline Canopy is a area in The Black Shroud.

Quests Involving Carline Canopy Area

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Coming to Gridania Sidequest 1 Bertennant
Monstrous Mummery (Gridania) Sidequest 15 Impresario
He's Got a Ticket to Ride Sidequest 9 Spinning Blade
Thank Heavensturn for You Sidequest 15 Uma Bugyo
Close to Home Main Scenario quest 1 Mother Miounne
A Hard Nut to Crack Sidequest 4 Tatasosa
Derision of Labor Sidequest 4 Celestine
To the Bannock Main Scenario quest 4 Mother Miounne
The Boy from Gridania Feature quest 6 Tataramu
Spirithold Broken Main Scenario quest 9 Galfrid
The Kindness of Strangers Sidequest 9 Emeria
Lathe to the Party Feature quest 10 Sezul Totoloc
On to Bentbranch Main Scenario quest 10 Mother Miounne
Dread Is in the Air Main Scenario quest 14 Luquelot
Festive Endeavors Main Scenario quest 14 Lewin
Renewing the Covenant Main Scenario quest 14 Mother Miounne
Saw That One Coming Sidequest 14 Eral
To Guard a Guardian Main Scenario quest 14 Mother Miounne
A Play in Three Acts Sidequest 15 Crystal Caravan Leader
A Shelltered Eggsistence Sidequest 15 Nonotta
Call of the Forest Main Scenario quest 15 Baderon
The Gridanian Envoy Main Scenario quest 15 Kan-E-Senna
The Eggth Umbral Calamity Sidequest 15 Jihli Aliapoh
The Lominsan Envoy Main Scenario quest 15 Merlwyb
Call of the Desert Main Scenario quest 16 Mother Miounne
Fire in the Gloom Main Scenario quest 16 Mother Miounne
Never Be Royal Feature quest 16 Sezul Totoloc
The House That Death Built Feature quest 17 Nojiro Marujiro
A Sight to Behold Feature quest 20 Naoh Gamduhla
Secret of the White Lily Main Scenario quest 28 Aethelmaer
Like Civilized Men and Women (Twin Adder) Feature quest 30 Scarlet
In Pursuit of the Past Main Scenario quest 41 Alphinaud
Into the Eye of the Storm Main Scenario quest 41 Cid
Better Late than Never Main Scenario quest 43 Hedyn
Lady of the Vortex Main Scenario quest 44 Cid
Dissension in the Ranks Class quest 45 Geva
Who Was That Man in Black Feature quest 46 Lewin
Carline Memories Sidequest 50 Deputy Postmoogle
Chasing Ivy Main Scenario quest 50 Ilberd
Messenger of the Winds Sidequest 50 Noctis
The Little Postmoogle That Could Sidequest 50 Deputy Postmoogle
Blood on the Deck Job quest 54 Musosai
Kindred Spirits Job quest 54 Sidurgu Orl
A Fraudster in the Forest Job quest 56 Musosai
Lost in the Lifestream Main Scenario quest 57 Alphinaud
Tataru's Surprise Main Scenario quest 57 Tataru
Hired Gunblades Class quest 60 Radovan
The Greater Obeisance Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
The Making of a Market Feature quest 60 Francel
Uncharted Territory Class quest 60 Beatin
The Anomaly Feature quest 70 Cid
Death Unto Dawn Main Scenario quest 80 Kan-E-Senna
To Be Second Best Sidequest 80 Y'mhitra